Australia's best bosses

Josh Fajzullin

The country's most generous bosses hand out millions in each year in cash, overseas holidays and luxury cars to their hardworking staff.

After a year of hard yakka it's the kind of recognition we all hope for, but these days don't all get.

So what does it take to work for these generous companies?

That is unless you score a job with one of these bosses - the six multimillionaires who are playing Santa Claus.

And the good news is they want you to work for them.

We all know flamboyant Stefan Ackerie for his salons and that pink power boat, but now he'll also be remembered for his cars.

"I'm doing this because I live by the law of reciprocity - if people are good to you, you need to reciprocate," Ackerie said.

And reciprocate he did, picking up the tab for his staff for four new Mercedes Benz and a ute, all worth more than $350,000.

"I remember five of our staff receiving five beautiful Celica's in 1972, so this is not new to me," he said.

Work for one of Ackerie's salons and you'll go in the running for a holiday conference in Hong Kong - hundreds are sent and live it up every year.

From cars to cold hard cash, millions are thrown at employees.

At a time when businesses are tightening their belts, Angus Kennard has awarded his workers at Kennard's Hire a $3 million bonus, with a fatter pay day for 850 employees.

"On the Tuesday it just turned up in their bank account, some people thought there was an error in their pay," he said.

Assistant Manager Lance Hawes says the timing couldn't be better. He's about to get married.

"If you look after your people, then they're going to look after you," Hawes said.

At Di Bella Coffee, one employee has just been given a round-the-world trip for doing what she does best - making good coffee.

"I do enjoy the gift of giving," said Phillip Di Bella.

But Di Bella's got an even bigger stocking that needs filling - a brand new BMW for simply working hard.

Minna Ali started out as a secretary, and now she's being promoted to a director.

"I can't really put into words how special this place is to me, because it's not just a job - it is definitely a way of life. It is part of who I am," Ali said.

Even in the remote mining town of Moranbah in Central Queensland lavish spending hasn't dried up with employees being given a well-deserved weekend away.

CEO of Employer of the Year Hutchinson Builders, Scott Hutchinson, has opened his cheque book, sending 300 of his staff members to the Whitsundays. Hutchinson sees it as an award to staff who are often away from home for weeks on end.

"These guys have earned this, they've earned every second of that holiday."

Despite this, there are plenty of employers who are giving their workers that little (or big) bit extra.

Be the fastest delivery driver at Dominos and you're in the box seat for a bonus. Dominos CEO Don May says "we go after different targets and we make sure we put carrots behind those."

Help thousands of customers book holidays at Flight Centre and you can score one yourself - you could find yourself anywhere on the globe, and this year 2,500 partied in Paris.

But it all pales in comparison to what billionaire mining magnate Clive Palmer dished out last year. In what's said to be a record bonus by an Australian boss, he gave away 55 Mercedes Benz cars and 700 holidays, taking lavish spending to the extreme.

"We broke all production records in the plant's history, so we're very happy about that," Palmer said.

But this year it seems he is human. The price of nickel's dropped off 50 per cent and with it the bevvy of bonuses.

Davidson Recruitment's Rob Davidson warns that grand gestures can sometimes backfire.

"Next year could be a much tougher business environment, if you're having to suddenly cut costs, perhaps even let staff go, people are going to remember."

Want to work for Australia's best bosses?

DI BELLA: Currently we have NO positions vacant however always willing to hear from passionate and dynamic people that would love to join our team.

DOMINOS: 2,500 jobs going across Australia - from in stores, drivers, managers, etc.

FLIGHT CENTRE: There are currently around 100 vacancies for sales roles across all brands in Australia, including retail and corporate consultants.

There are currently around twelve vacancies for support roles in head offices in Australia, including accountants, marketers, ticket centre, product and air contractors, lawyers, human resources, managers and more.

HUTCHINSON BUILDERS: Currently looking for employees in the mining sectors in Surat Basin (Darling Downs; Bowen Basin (Central QLD); Pilbara region (Northern WA).

Everyone from labourers, carpenters, leading hands, foreman, machinery operators, site managers, project managers, contracts administrators and we're setting up a civil operation in Moranbah so we're looking for civil experts (engineers, surveyors, project managers, operators). All willing to work in regional locations - unfortunately not recruiting in Brisbane, Gold Coast or Sunshine Coast at present.

If applicants would like to contact regional offices across Australia directly (this is a good approach as each Team recruits independently) then they can find office details at

KENNARDS HIRE: No vacancies at the moment. Happy for expressions of interest.

STEFAN: We have 39 positions available across QLD AND NSW.