Reporter: David Eccleston

The generation challenge is back with plenty of passion ... and definitely no lack of aussie pride.

It would be funnier .. if it wasn't so serious .. modern history is old news in today's school curriculum. Last week the Australian Curriculum Assessment And Reporting Authority announced it was overhauling the testing process to focus on 7 key areas. Modern history doesn't get a look in.

How sad we are about to see .. as our history test generates plenty of heat between the Generations.

The Y's - those aged up to 30 years of age will be guided by pop star Johnny Ruffo.... team leader of the 31- 48 YEARS OLDs ...or gen X - news limited journalist and TV host Joe Hilderbrand - and marching the baby boomers into battle - Pauline Hanson.

Posing the questions .. Cornelia Frances .. who faces a serious question of her own shortly.

Questions an Australian high school student should know. Like who was the indigenous land rights fighter in the 1980's.

If you answered Eddie Mabo - you're off to a good start.

Only two people in the entire class got it wrong SWAT the answer is Australian and New Zealand Army Corps.

The gaps run deep .. all the way back to when European settlement began .. 7 people in the class of 34 didn't know when the first fleet landed at Sydney Cove. It's a day we celebrate every year .. it's called Australia Day.

When it comes to our flag do you know what those stars symbolise?

Half of generation y got it wrong. Most knew the southern cross, but only a handful could name the 7 pointed star as the commonwealth star.

Still on the flag, when did we officially adopt it as our national identity- 1914, 1938, or 1953.

Only one person in both gen y and baby boomers got it right. only two in generation x . The answer is 1953

What about Australian music....John Farnham's you're the voice became a national anthem of sorts in the mid 80's ....can you sing the next line....Enter Whispering Jo.

"History isn't just about memorising the facts, but it is about connecting to certain things that happened and knowing certain things that happened." Said Anna

UTS Historian and author of History's Children, history wars in the class room, Anna Clark, helped compile the test questions for our Australia history challenge and is not surprised Modern History doesn't get the curriculum merit it deserves.

"I have spent a lot of time talking about it, I've done quite a lot of research looking at why teaching history is very controversial, the curriculum end of it, why different versions of the past are supported by different governments of different persuasions but at the same time the irony is that actually in the classroom it's not very popular, Australian History." Said Anna Clark

Former Prime Minister Bob Hawke's comments after the historic America's Cup victory hurled Australia out of the shadows of America and turned us into a true sporting nation. So what year was it 1983, 1985 and 1987.

Three quarters of the class didn't know it was 1983. David Dale - author of the little book of Australia - A SNAPSHOT of who we are, isn't so worried most of the class failed the question, he's more interested in if they know the significance of the occasion.

"Does it matter about know in the Americas cup, well it does in the sense of Australia creating its own identity moving from the cultural cringe to the cultural strut - so we went through that period under Hawke where we were verging on arrogance but that kind of stuff for kids would be great rather than what was the date when we won the Americas cup. put the context up and see how Australia has changed and they would enjoy it a lot more." Said David Dale

Of the 36 questions we asked our class, no one got every question right. but the baby boomers performed the best 79% of the answers correct genx and geny 66 and 65 %. Questions that included.

What is the national flower of Australia.

Who was the first prime minister of Australia

In what year did the Japanese bomb Darwin? 

Who is the current Australian of the year...?

And - what Politician party did Pauline Hanson front.

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