Reporter: Natalie Bonjolo

This is an aca daca gig like no other, it's not the band on tour but their music and rare memorabilia. For curator Tim Fisher, it's a museum exhibit with a twist, no ancient rocks just rock n roll. Tim says "it's not about ancient history, in that way is kind of breaking a bit of new ground"

More than four hundred pieces, collected from rock n roll royalty. "Say theyre going through the area that deals with 1975 and 76, they'lll see photographs, posters but also songs from that period"

Before the schoolboy outfit, Angus Young wore this "SuperAng" costume on countdown. Thirty six years later it comes out of the closet for the first time. but it's what's buried in this box, that diehard fans are desperate to see.

It's now an aussie icon and still a worn by Young at concerts today. What's really striking about Angus's uniform is the size of it, next to me it's absolutely tiny. He wore this when he was twenty years old.

Fifa Riccobono has worked with the band since they began back in 1974 and for WA fans never before seen memento's from Freo's favourite son, even private letters written by Bon Scott before he died.

For ACDC it's been a long time at the top now, they're fans can share in the journey. Tim says "it is a dream come true i think for a lot of fans"

The free exhibition opens at the WA Museum this Saturday- for further details visit :