9.5 House

Reporter: Matt White

With the cost of living rising astronomically, paying the bills is becoming life's greatest struggle for many families. Unless you live in Australia's greenest house. It's a new type of home about to hit the market and as Josh Fajzullin found not only will it save you thousands on your electricity bill, you can build one for a fraction of the normal house price.

The home of the future you can be living in now, green and clean where cutting your power bill in half is just a given.

"The home uses up to 50% less electricity than your standard home which means $1200 saved compared to a standard 3 bedroom 2 bathroom home" the Nathan Lude.

Australia's first 9.5 star energy efficient home. Heating not required, incandescents off limits. Instead compact fluorescents and better use of natural light.

"This is the whole of house fan it uses natural air from outside and uses cross flow ventilation and sucks the hot air out of the home."

The more green features, the more stars, the more money saved. Your average family can pocket away an extra $1100 a year.

"This is the apricus solar hot water system it sits on the roof it uses the suns rays to hear the water. Water heating accounts for about 28% of your bill."

A sustainable house can now be built for the same price of a standard house. Starting from $169,000. It's the same green or non green.

"In this home we believe its quite revolutionary.. to build sustainably it hasn't cost you anymore or any extra."

Nathan Lude is from the Advantage Lifestyle Business Group. He says with electricity prices about to double in the next 3 years, why wouldn't you go green.

"With sustainable homes or sustainable living, its not just about the physical aspects of the home its about the behavioural aspects and how people operate in their home."

To help monitor or adjust your power use, each home comes with an energy meter.

"It's incredible you don't realise when you turn on the oven there's such a spyke in power or when you're watching TV or when the kids go to the bedroom or leave the TV on."

To make this a 10 star home, just add solar panels to the roof. All the ingredients you need to make the home of the stars.

And to see the range of sustainable designs on offer visit www.advantagelifestyle.com.au