$50 Family Feed

Reporter: Rebecca Bergh

It's become a daily struggle for a growing number of families, to put even the most basic of food items on the table. And it's often thought to eat healthy food is more expensive.

But a nutritionist and her husband -- the world's strongest man over 40 and a former Gladiator -- have come to the rescue with an e-book titled "How to Feed a Family of Four on Fifty Dollars a Week".

Sally and Derek Boyer's book was born out of concern for a client who had just that dilemna. "She was spending it on frozen meat pies and two minute noodles. I was really concerned but understood there were many families out there in the same situation, so I made a promise to her to come up with a solution", Sally said.

There's no point buying good, fresh food -- even if it is only $50 worth -- if no one will eat it, so they've recruited good mate and chef John Mundell to turn the ingredients into a week's worth of mouthwatering meals.

Meals don't come much heartier -- using 99 cents a kilo turkey drumsticks, just add lemon rind, rosemary, garlic and bake. The cost per serve: "50 to 60 cents a serve", John said.

Derek says the book contains 20 principles that revolve around shopping smarter, to extend the value of every dollar you spend. "You know some of the principles involve getting together in small groups and hunting as a tribe so that you can make bulk purchases, in which you can really reduce the cost of each product that you buy", Derek said.

Their other top tips include:

* only buy meats under $5 a kilo

* buy staples like potatoes and onions in bulk

* grow your own vegetables and herbs.

* form a relationship with your local producers

* don't be afraid to ask for a better price.

* shop in the last half hour of trade at markets -- for giveaways and bargains

Eggs were bought 4 dozen at a time at $2 a carton and Sally says her food budget and recipes can be adapted to a family of any size.

If you have more cash to spend, use the staples as your base and build from there. But Sally stresses you'll need to step away from the supermarkets to source the real bargains.

And according to Sally, in the end it's not just money you'll be saving. "With the variety of foods that you're able to purchase using our plan, your nutrition goes through the roof, your quality of life will go through the roof", she said.

For further information:

The book launches online on Dec 3. Go to www.howtofeedafamily.com

to download for $19.95 -- or visit their Facebook page: "howtofeedafamilycheaply" for tips.