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Reporter: Damien Hansen

When Kim McCosker cooks millions marvel -- she's the co-author of the decade's top two selling cookbooks, a mum of three and is the driving force behind the "Four Ingredients" cooking revolution.

"We take our inspiration basically from what we like to eat and what we think we can make easily, by what we think is not going to cost us an absolute bomb", Kim said.

One pot/one bowl is her latest offering and today she's showing us just how easy and cheap it is to cook without the inconvenience of a messy clean up.

"We've got some chicken and we are going to take that into a pan with some Tikka Masala paste, coat it and then add some condensed tomato soup. Simmer it and then add some final ingredient, some natural yogurt", Kim said.

"Just the one pot; whatever pot it is you have in the kitchen. I'm using a lovely big chefs pan that has nice poring lips on but one pot is all I need to clean up after this dish", she added.

Chicken Tikka Masala is a sub-continent mainstay, an Aussie favourite and if you believe Kim, it's a cost effective alternative to take away. "It is important to create flavoursome foods. Four or fewer ingredients -- choose your ingredients well and you will still create something that is spectacular", Kim said.

"You know you buy big jar at $2.50 to $2.80 and you've got a lot for a number of dinners. The other thing I like about one pot cooking is it lends itself to batch cooking -- make double and freeze it", Kim said.

With our soup -- I know there will be a lot of people at home going oh my gosh, tomato soup. But this is what adds the liquid and mixed with the Tikka Masala paste creates such a beautiful flavour. So just let it simmer together, now give it time for the flavours to meld for about ten minutes", Kim said.

Kim then adds yoghurt.

"The most important ingredient in any recipe by far is flavour. It's not like every recipe I try works, some are really bland, they are not gelling, they're not sticking, so you've just got to whittle them all down so you get a great recipe with just three or four ingredients", Kim said.

Her recipes aren't the only thing Kim has simplified. Since buying out her former business partner Rachael Bermingham, the dynamic duo is down to one, but the juggernaut she helped create is showing no signs of slowing down.

Kim's off to the United States next week for a series of television appearances and book signings. "We bought Rachael out of the business earlier last year. I wanted a point of difference, I wanted to stamp my style, inject my style into the four ingredients series", Kim said.

And it's that style that people around the world are lapping up. Her cookbooks are printed in eight different languages and a new downloadable app makes it even easier to make do with what's left in the cupboard. "You're building your own recipe with ingredients you've already got", Kim said.


Tikka masala

Serves 4

* 500g chicken breasts, chopped $6.43c

* 2 tbsp. Tika Masala paste $2.89

* 400g can condensed tomato soup $0.69

* 3 tbsp. Natural yoghurt $1.95

* serve atop of boiled rice 350g put $1.00!

Tuscan love story

Serves 6

* 4 x 400g can whole tomatoes $0.69c ea

* 500g butter $1.89

* 4 onions $0.28c ea

* 400g pkt fettucine ).59c

French onion soup

Serves 8

* 6 onions $0.28 ea

* 3 tbsp. Butter $0.50

* 1.25 ltr beef stock $2.25

* 4 twigs fresh thyme leaves 1.49


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