Tapping Weightloss
Reporter: Gavin Alder

Three people who have found a healthier lifestyle is as easy as a tap on the head.

Jean burrows was a chronic over eater. "I was just gorging myself without thinking about it .. comfort food."

She stacked on the weight, tried to lose it and couldn't,

"I'd been finding out about lap band surgery because I've tried every diet known to man and I couldn't lose weight and keep it off."

Worse still she watched her teenage daughter Sophie going down the same path.

Sophie has started tapping too.

"In the past month I've lost five kilos so that's good. I don't have the cravings for chocolate any more. If I eat it I don't like the taste of it" says Sophie.

Her mum has gone from a size 20 to a size 16 and plans to tap another 20 kilos off.

As a personal trainer Brad Gordon never had to worry about weight but he had a weakness for hot chips.

"I did have a craving for hot chips and at any time I would eat hot chips for sure.

Not any more"

He says he's tapped himself free of the craving.

"It's all about the mind .. change the mind change the body."

He's changed his mind about chips.

Peta Stapleton is a doctor of psychology at Queensland's Griffith University and President of the Eating Disorders Association. She developed the tapping technique and, in a trial, trained 60 people including Jean, Sophie and Brad how to overcome their weaknesses. It's a combination of psychology and acupuncture.

"It's the same principles that have been used for a long long time it's just we've found a way to stimulate their same pressure points connected through our body without having to use needles or to visit a practitioner" explains Dr Stapleton. She says it only takes a few treatments.

"We can really show whether or not this stands up as a technique that's really effective and over the long term so we will be following up our participants 12 months down the track to see how they're going" says Dr Stapleton.

And to see if they can join these other tip top tappers.

"This is a stress free diet" says Sophie.

"No willpower at all and the really good thing is you don't have to believe in it. You don't have to believe in it you just have to tap on it" says Jean.

Dr Peta Stapleton at Griffith University
Tel: (07) 3382 1289
Email: p.stapleton@griffith.edu.au