When it comes to takeaways, making a healthy decision can be a nutritional nightmare. Elise Davidson and the team at Choice tried to make it a little easier publishing a list of the good, bad, and unhealthy.

We know that most people spend about 10 percent of their food budget on takeaway so we wanted to look at what the healthier options were. ''Look takeaway food can be part of a healthy lifestyle'' said Geoff Jowett, creator of Bodytrim.

Geoff has also developed a range of eating guides, maintaining no cuisine is off limits, it's all about what you choose. ''When your eating out what you should look for is something that has a good source of protein like chicken, fish, meat and lots of veges'' said Geoff.

What are the biggest mistakes that people make when having takeaway? ''The biggest no, no is combining lots of fat with lots of carbohydrates. The problem is that carbohydrates spike a hormone in the body called insulin. Insulin is a very powerful storage hormone. So when you have the carbs with the fat you'll have a higher likelihood that you'll store all that fat as body fat. My tip is always steer clear of the rice or the noodles and overeat the vegetables and you're on track'' said Geoff.

''A better option when it comes to entrees for Thai is the grilled or satay chicken skewers with a little bit of satay sauce on the side, not a problem'' said Geoff.

One of the big surprises is Pad Thai. ''Most people would be surprised to learn that Pad Thai has more calories in it than say green chicken curry which has got the coconut milk'' said Elise Davidson from Choice.

''The amount of carbs 108g, now the body treats that as sugar and there's this much sugar in that pad thai chicken'' said Geoff. He goes onto say ''A better option is stir fry chicken with a nice sauce through it, only 3g of carbs so a lot less calories''.

''When you choosing a takeaway dish you should definitely try to go for as many vegetables and variety of colour of veges as well, so you are getting as many vitamins as possible'' said Elise Davidson.

Honey Chicken is probably the worst dish you can find. 'The biggest no, no of all is marrying up sugar with fat. You're going to store it all as fat. Wipe that one off the menu, better option is the beef and black bean sauce only eight grams of fat said Geoff.

''When it comes to Indian curries a butter chicken is obviously pretty unhealthy in terms of the fat content, even a beef vindaloo would have a third less fat. A big tip across the board is pick the meat out of the curry, don't scoop up the sauce with the naan bread'' said Geoff.

Weekend "grab and go food" often includes one of the worst, fish and chips.

''Now there's as much fat in this meal as there is in that piece of butter. That's a lot of fat, a combined fat total of eighty six grams'' said Geoff.

He goes onto say ''A better alternative? Move away from the deep fried fish into the grilled fish, there's only 7 grams of fat there. You're halving the fat fat by going from deep fried to grilled''.

''A better option as well is going for some BBQ chicken instead of the deep fried fish again halving the fat content when you go BBQ chicken compared to the deep fried fish'' said Geoff.

You want pizza? ''It should come as little surprise to people that pizza is pretty high in fat'' said Elise Davidson.

The deep pan meat lovers is by far the unhealthiest because of the fat and salt in all its processed meats. The deep pan supreme is not far behind. The better choices are thin and crispy Hawaiian and thin and crispy vegetarian pizzas.

And a final piece of advice is to steer clear of the rice and noodles and over eat the vegetables and you are on track.

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