Swine Flu: Perth

Reporter: Andrea Burns

When staff working for Professor David Smith looked into a microscope late on Saturday night, they saw proof that swine flu had made it into WA.

Virologist and Director of Pathwest, the professor says WA health services were on alert, preparing for a flu they've never treated before.

'In the past and about 3 times a century, there's a new strain of flu that enters into human populations and because normally when a new strain enters there's limited pre-existing immunity in human populations so you tend to get a much more rapid spread and it goes world wide and that's the so-called pandemic."

On the same flight as the Dockers, coming in from Melbourne on Saturday night was a Perth Dad of 8. Today, Health Minister and GP Kim Hames, confirmed the man was WA's first known case of swine flu.

While Dockers players and their doctors are on alert for symptoms and the infected man's in quarantine at home, doctors say for the rest of us, normal hygiene precautions will help keep all flu's at bay.

"Things such as covering your mouth or nose when coughing or sneezing, washing hands a lot, keeping away from other people who are coughing or sneezing".