Reporter: Sally Obermeder

Bikinis, tankinis, one pieces - choice is in great supply. As we near summer, demand is surging.

If the idea of squeezing into last years swimsuit is a frightening prospect then here's a solution.

"It is a quick fix for those ladies who haven't had time to the gym over winter. They will instantly feel and look slimmer in this suit, they will probably

… go down a dress size" says Heidi.

Yes ... a swimsuit that helps you drop a size the moment you put it on.

Heidi Vandervord, is a designer with the team that created the high tech Ada Contour Swimsuit.

"It's a slimmer, thinner you instantly because as soon as you put this swimsuit on it holds your body tightly and giving shape where you need shape and it smooths out any unwanted curves" explains Heidi.

So how does it work?

The Ada Contour Swimsuit slims and trims thanks to:

1. hidden cup support

2. power control mesh on the side

3. stomach control panel

4. elastic stretch within the fibre

5. 3 times the normal lycra

6. and on the back - extra support to hold the bottom in and up

If you don't want to fork out $190 for a swimsuit, there's still plenty of options to choose from. In Style Editor, Kerrie McCallum has cast her expert eye over the summer ranges.

If you're trying to create curves, then these are the rules for you:

1. detail on the top, especially ruffles can add extra bada boom to a smaller bust

2. padding and/or cups help fill and lift the bust

3. a wide band or frills create curves and the illusion of hips

What about for women who already have curvy hips, butts and thighs?

"What everyone needs to know is that ruching is friendly and flattering. See here it's not too tight in the middle and you can see the middle seam drawing the eye up and then we've got a very supportive cup for a bigger bust" explains Kerrie. "Ruching is so flattering, people don't realise. It's actually not going to make you look bigger than you are. It just makes things look not too tight. I think when pieces are too tight you then really see what's there."

Want to celebrate your curves a la Beyonce, J Lo or Liz Hurley then choose a glamorous Hollywood inspired swimsuit.

"Well this suit is great when you want to make the most of your curves. We've got black on the bottom to streamline. Black is always flattering. We've got this detail in the waist which really creates the illusion of a small waist. With a swimsuit like this you can get in built cups to support a bigger bust and of course the halter neck is incredibly flattering, because it pulls up and lifts the bust upward which is what we all want."

And for people who are trying to make their hips appear a bit slimmer?

"Black is failsafe and again a lower cut leg is important. You don't want too high a leg because that just emphasises everything" says Kerrie.


1. a low cut boy leg is more flattering

2. black on the bottom is slimming for hips and thighs

3. detail in the middle creates the illusion of a smaller waist

4. ruching helps cover up any problem areas

5. built in cups and a halter neck pulls and lifts the bust upward

And curves in the right places, doesn't mean you're limited to a one piece.

"This is what we call a tankini, because it's a tank top/ bikini. You can see this is actually a top if I lift that up. You've got a nice wide pair of pants underneath so it's perfect if you want to wear a bikini pant but you're not comfortable with a really thin tiny one. This sort of suit is great for someone whatever their age, say older women often feel that they can't wear the trends … this is something a woman of any age could really wear and look sophisticated" says Kerrie.

And the key to choosing the right swimsuit ...

"I just think avoid wearing trends that don't really suit you" advises Kerrie.

Contour Swimsuit (Curvey figures)

Ada Contour Swimsuit

RRP: $189

Ph: 03 9466 4144

Available from David Jones nationally

Pink and white tie-dye frill bikini

(Petite figures)

From: Lazy & Tie

RRP: $75

Ph: 0450 922 261

Gold Bikini (Hollywood Style - Petite figures)

From: Seafolly

RRP: top - $99.95 bottom - $69.95

Ph: 1300 130 715

www.seafolly.com.au www.seafolly.com.au

Brown tankini (Curvy Figures)

From: Sue Rice

RRP: $204

www.suerice.com.au www.suerice.com.au

Black one-piece (Curvy Figures)

From: Miraclesuit (style: Oceanus)

RRP: $249.95

Ph: 1300 130 715

Black + Aztec print one-piece (Curvy Figures)

From: Sue Rice

RRP: $195

www.suerice.com.au www.suerice.com.au

Navy one piece halter neck with nautical embellishment (Athletic Figures)

Ph: 1300 130 715

RRP: $379.00

Graphic Print Bikini (Petite Figures)

From: Seafolly

RRP: top - $79.95 bottom - $64.95

Ph: 1300 130 715

www.seafolly.com.au www.seafolly.com.au