Supermarket lies

Following from our story on supermarket lies, we have these responses from Coles and Woolworths:


Due to staff error at one supermarket the new price of the product in question was printed onto a 'Price Knockdown' style ticket by mistake while the new standard price label failed to be printed. This issue has now been rectified.

With 110,000 staff isolated issues sometimes occur. We have contacted the store to remind staff of their obligations when it comes to correct labelling.

Standard shelf prices can fluctuate over long periods. However, far from prices rising, an average basket of goods bought at Woolworths has actually decreased by over 3.5 percent in the last quarter with significant reductions in meat, grocery and general merchandise.

Woolworths 'Price Knockdown' products are genuine shelf price reductions, not limited time specials.

We welcome scrutiny of our prices and are proud to say we have brought down the shelf price of thousands of products.


Coles' role to increase price competition over the last two years in the Australian supermarket sector has been recognised by a range of retail analysts and business commentators. We have proactively driven lower prices in our stores as part of our plan to rebuild customer trust in our shelf pricing and instore value.

In the past 12 months, the number of price cuts in our stores has far outweighed the price rises. In the past year, we have cut the price of over 5000 lines in our stores by an average of over ten percent. By contrast, over the same period, prices have increased on just 2000 lines, by an average of just four percent.