Super Foods

Reporter: Marguerite McKinnon

UK, Leeds University has released a list of the top-twenty foods you can eat to ensure that you live to a happy and healthy age. These foods are said to slow down the ageing process.

They say that eating 'lifespan essential' foods will maximise your chances of living as long as possible. It will also increase your quality of life as you age by reducing the incidence of disease. They contain molecule called antioxidant polyphenols which soak up reactive oxygen species molecules which cause cell damage.


· apples

· blackberries

· black tea

· blueberries

· broccoli

· cereal bran

· cherries

· cherry tomatoes

· coffee

· cranberries

· dark chocolate

· green tea

· oranges

· peaches

· plums

· raspberries

· red grapes

· red onions

· spinach

· strawberries


JULIE GILBERT: Accredited practicing dietician

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DR ROB BROOKS: Associate Professor and Director of the Evolution and Ecology Research Centre at the University of New South Wales

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Red wine contains a molecule called resveretrol - an antioxidant polyphenol that can prolong life, protect against cancer and cardiovascular disease, and work as an antimutagen and anti-inflammatory.

Says Dr Brooks: "Resveretrol's best found in red wines, particularly in pinot noirs grown in cold climates so Tasmanian Pinot growers are probably going to benefit out of this."

The benefits of Red wine can be seen in France... a phenomenon called the "French Paradox".

Dr Brooks says...

"The French have a very, very high proportion of octogenerians, people living in their 90's, people living over 100 for their population compared with other areas in Western Europe despite the fact that they often have a very fatty diet and a very salty diet and so we think that a lot of its got to do with the consumption of red wine that the French have."


Says Associate Professor Rob Brooks, "Beer's got two fantastic ingredients: malt and hops. And both of those are full of antioxidants. But beer's also got alcohol which has a detrimental effect and its got sugar which causes us to put on weight and cause its own problems. But certainly if you're drinking to up your antioxidant count you should drink red wine or you should drink beer with full malt and full hops. You shouldn't be going for the spirits because really distillation takes out all of those polyphenols."