Summer Style

Reporter: Sally Obermeder

Producer: Lucie McGeoch

Wouldn't it be great to live "the life" like our favourite fashion icons

but it's difficult trying to look as elegant as stars like Katie Holmes

after all - husband Tom's credit card limit is an unbelievable $624 million.

So here's some good news for fashion fanatics. Tonight we're going to show you the hottest summer trends and how you can get the look on a budget.

We're talking entire outfits dresses, shoes, bags for as little as $150.

Lookout ladies, husbands and partners, fashion designer Peter Morrissey, model Erica Heynatz and hairdresser to the stars Joh Bailey - are the Westfield style counsel - trawling shopping malls around the country for everyday women who want a spring/summer makeover.

Ready to be dressed for success are Helen a size 12, Laura size 16 and mother of one Beverley size 14.

Most important tip for the warmer weather? Ditch the pants for a dress

and bold, colourful accessories will get you everywhere.

'The single biggest way to update your wardrobe from season to season is the handbag and the best thing about this season is you don't have to be scared about using patent in the middle of the day" says Erica.

Quickly we discover many of this season's trends have been inspired by the hugely popular "Sex in the City" movie. It's about floral print dresses, waistcoats, belts with absolutely everything, in the shoe department it's

chunky gladiator-style heels that look like they could do some damage.

Hard to believe the source is the wildly imaginative-slightly kooky mind of Patricia Field, the woman who made Carrie Bradshaw's wardrobe a fashion bible. "There are specific dresses that will be in the movie that will be in the range."

This is Patricia's latest collection from New York fashion week - on it's way to Australia with price tags under $200.

"You do not need to worry about matching bags and shoes" says Erica.

Something else we learned from Patricia -it's ok to clash.

Spot the transformation - care of our Aussie experts.

Beverley scored her entire outfit for $256. Dress $119, shoes $50, belt $25, bag $40, bangles $22.

Laura 's pink floral number $314 for the lot. Dress $199, bag $25, shoes $90.

And Helen in this seasons must-have fifties floral dress - total outfit $318 - all very glamorous for a splurge. Dress $129, shoes $119, bag $30, belt $40.

Now for some guilt-free bargains. It took style guru Kai Ayoob less one hour to find these killer combinations.

At least the price doesn't hurt - looking good in a one shoulder floral number for a total of $125, shoes included.

And with a few little tweaks Helen's outfit will take her from desktop to dinner.

"We have completely revamped her entirely our gorgeous housewife has gone from kindi to cocktails whacked on a great little tan belt - this is necklace I have wrapped around her wrist great little tip any woman could do" says Kai.

The wonder dress that's been a hit with celebrity mums.

"The maxi dress is the summer essential for any woman and the great thing is it's every woman's secret wedding if you are conscious about your size or even if you are pregnant ... I have teamed it up with some gladiator slides you are looking at less than $150 for this look again."

Add a $70 blazer and we can take Boho back to the boardroom.

And this one - devilish in a blue dress with this season must have - a waist coat.

"For evening wear you can get away with something on a budget."

No matter who is paying you don't need a blockbuster budget to be a show-stopper this summer.

"It's that old fashioned saying if you look the money you are the money" says Erica.

The top 7 fashion must haves:

1. maxi dress

2. waistcoats

3. gladiator sandals

4. floral print

5. fifties style skirts

6. belts with everything

7. bold colourful accessories

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The Outfits as seen on tonight's program in order of appearance:

Helen: Size 12

Portmans Blue Floral Strapless Dress $129.00

Betts black silver platforms $119.00

Jeans West black clutch $29.95

Equip black belt $39.99

Total: $317.94

Beverly : Size 14

Esprit Denim button through Dress $119.00

Payless brown sandals $49.95

Portmans brown woven belt $24.95

Jeans West Brown Bag $39.99

Diva bangles set of 3 $21.95

Total: $255.84

Laura : Size 16

Jacqui E pink Floral Dress size $199.00

Equip red woven clutch $24.99

Betts blush pink patent leather platforms (size 9 ½) $89.99

Total: $313.98

Fashion Bargains with stylist Kai Aiyub - all stores located in Westfield

First Outfit

Forecast Black Floral one shoulder dress $60

Betts Shoes $30

Forever New Pants $35

Second outfit

Just Jeans Maxi Dress $90

Forever New Gladiator Sandals $60

Forever New - Blazer $70

Third outfit

Supre Blue Dress $80

Forever New Waist Coat $30

Betts Shoes $45