Stranger Danger

Reporter: Bryan Seymour

Bryan Seymour reports "650 children disappear every year, most taken by a parent after a break-up. But one or two are abducted and this time of year the predators are at their most prolific.

Just a fortnight ago, little 8 year old Taneaka Stanley went to the bin in front of her home, where she noticed a man staring at her.

"Then he ran to me and pulled me out of the fate - up to the corner street" Says Taneeka

Bryan "Her abductor clamped a hand around her mouth and dragged her by the arm 50 metres along the street, that's when Taneeka lashed out.

"I kicked him in the shin twice." Taneeka remembers

Bryan "He ran away. She ran home to mum. The look on Taneeka's face was one her mother, Alyssa Stanley, will never forget . "You can just tell she ran for her life." She said

Bryan "How would your children fare if put to the stranger danger test. At home? At the shops? A delivery man pulls up outside a house to drop off a parcel."

"Hi, I've got a parcel for your dad." Says the stranger

She's gone straight up. Both of them have. (Referring to 10 yr old girls)

"Think you can grab them out of there for me please. I got a crook leg." The stranger pretends

Bryan "This ten year old girl puts herself in harms way at the back of this strangers 4WD thinking she's helping him out."

She's in the back. Oh no.

This lethal lure nabs another victim.

My hearts beating. A 100 mile an hour. Cant believe it .

"In a matter of seconds little Rachel could have been abducted. Her parents Mike and Liz, powerless to stop it.

A parent's worst nightmare is the abduction or somebody hurting one of their children.

The same actor approached Chloe, 6 and 3 year old Tory. Parents Mark and Miriam have taught both their kids about stranger danger. But how much of that has stuck?"

"She knows there's people out there that will just grab her from the crowd. She calls them naughty mans." Claims Miriam

They watch from inside as an actor approaches their girls, the results were startling for all of us.

"My little grandson lost his dog. You haven't seen it have you? Have a look at the picture. Have a look." Says the stranger

There they go...there they go.

"His names Wags, a lovely little dog. What's your name?" he continues

"He should be either here or next door."

He could grab both of them right now.

"Come next door and show me?"

In less than a minute both kids go off with the stranger.

Better go and get them.

It was that easy.

What are you doing? He lost his dog.

Freda Briggs "If we're talking about protecting children from strangers, we do not talk about strangers per say."

Author of 'Teaching Children To Protect Themselves', Freda Briggs says children under 10 don't grasp the concept of 'strangers'. The best lessons you can teach your children should focus on dangerous situations rather than stranger.

Freda "Parents need to be working on this all year around. You know what will be the safest thing to do if we were separated at the beach, at a sports event, at a show, show children where the help tents are point out where the police officers are so that children know where to go if the need arises, if they are separated."

We're all about to spend a lot of time in malls Christmas shopping, many with children in tow. How long do you think it would take for these 3 kids to be coaxed out to this strangers car?

You couldn't give me a hand could you? Take those out there for us?

While mum Jenny Larkans watches inside a store, this actor has managed to lure her 3 children out of the centre in less than 90 seconds.

They're gone...they're gone...I can't believe it.

How safe are your children this Christmas? We set up an experiment to see if young kids who appear lost are approached by staff or the public.

Carol Sandick watching on with a plain clothes security guard as her two sons Voss and Jack play unaccompanied in a MacDonald's Playground for over 45 minutes. These parents seem unconcerned about the two minors left alone so too other patrons and staff.

It is crazy. With the staff and that amount of people there - Im absolutely amazed.

At Hungry Jacks, her boys order ice creams then retreat to the playground where they are left undisturbed for almost an hour.

No one seems to care. It's almost like they need to fall off the equipment and hurt themselves for them to come out and check if they're okay.

Then, things suddenly take a frightening turn. We get our security guard to play kidnapper - abducting this child, reaching over the fence, no-one from Hungry Jacks appears to have noticed a thing.

I didn't notice a duty of care - I saw a manager on duty who didn't care.

Detective Inspector Mick Haddow from the New South Wales Police Sex Crime Squad has these tips for a safe Christmas. xxxxx

If this story perhaps stops one child from being abducted or harmed in any way then this story has done what it set out to achieve.

Author of 'Teaching Children To Protect Themselves',

Frida Briggs