Spring Clean

Reporter: David Eccleston

How much money would you spend on cleaning products each year? Hundreds, possible thousands of dollars. What if you could spring clean the home for under ten dollars? We've grabbed two cleaning experts to show us how to clean smartly and save money.

We're constantly bombarded by promises to take the elbow grease out of cleaning.

A typical kitchen cupboard has several cleaning products and they're not cheap. But do you really need to clean out your wallet to clean your home? So it's over to the experts to show us easy ways to spring clean and save a bucket load of money along the way.

"So here we have it - we've got vinegar, seasalt, bicarb of soda, lemon juice. All you need to clean your whole house" says David.

David Kirkpatrick and Felicity Clothier are cleaning freaks.

"You can clean your house basically top to bottom for about $5.50" says Felicity.

You don't need to clean your ears, you heard right - clean the home for just over $5.

"You're probably paying 50 to 75% for the marketing, the packaging, the smelling nice or whatever they decided is going to get your attention on that shelf" says David.

"I spend probably a couple of hundred maybe more each month on cleaning products alone" says mother Rebecca Roseman. She is a self confessed sucker for brands but with a new baby she no longer has the time or money to go nuts down the cleaning isle of her local supermarket.

Enter clean queen and author Felicity... "Toilet duck cleaner is a good cleaner but it's expensive, while white vinegar will do the exact same thing for a quarter of the price."

When it comes to cleaning glass, the big seller is Windex. Felicity says just use metholated spirits.

An all purpose cleaner you might hand over five dollars on spray and wipe.

"So if you're going to use your multi-purpose one, usually you can substitute that with vinegar which comes in at a quarter of a price" says Felicity.

We've all seen the amazing results in a flash on the exit mould ad. It cost us $6.11, plain bleach $1.19. If you follow Felicity's advice you just saved almost $5.

When it comes to cleaning floors you might buy a brand product like Handy Andy.

"It's got cloudy ammonia in it. You only need a little bit of it so it's not an overly expensive product but your plain dishwashing detergent you wash your dishes with will wash your floors just as well and you only use the smallest of a capful for a full bucket of water" says Felicity.

So instead of $4 you clean up for no more than ten cents.

"An oven cleaner? I'm glad you asked that one. It's bicarb soda and salt mixed together. It's a tablespoon of each, mix it all together in a nice slurry and then get into it with a sponge. Like you would any other oven cleaner" says David.

Don't hand over up to $3 for Jiff when you can make it for a fraction of the price with salt, bicarb soda and vinegar according to David Kirkpatrick.

And I thought toothpaste was only good in the bathroom.

"Get some toothpaste, just put a little squirt on where you've got a little scratch, give it a good wipe and it cleans it all up. Gives it a really good shine. Just put it on and polish it back up" says Felicity.

So we've shown you have to save dead easy money but perhaps the last piece of advice is the most important and simple - how to save time cleaning.

"Start one area. Don't start everywhere at the same time. Pick one room, start one room, finish that room!" advises Felicity.

Felicity Clothier - Author of Handy Housekeeping Hints

Available from: www.newholland.com.au