Sophie Monk
Reporter: Sally Obermeder
Producer: David Dutton

It may seem unbelievable to look this hot and not be comfortable with showing off your body, especially when you've made a Hollywood career out of baring all.

"Really bizarre how I've fallen into that. I find myself very unsexy and I just do not like being naked without an airbrush machine."

While men may disagree, many women will identify with Sophie Monk's tendency to focus on her flaws. No matter how big or small, she swears by Hollywoods most unlikely red carpet rage - Shapewear.

"Its called Hollywood Shape but it's the best because it just gets rid of like muffin tops it doesn't matter what weight you are everyone has little bits that hang over bits, this just makes sure that it sucks it all in and makes it all tight without...but still it doesn't feel tight or unconformable or anything, I love it" says Sophie.

And Hollywood is certainly loving Sophie, with 6 films due to come out in the next 5 months, she's busy showing her true talents around Tinsletown.

"A lot of it has been comedy so for me it's just me joking about girls being in bikinis and that kind of as long as I'm in on the joke I don't mind it so much but really taking myself seriously and trying to be sexy is hard for me even if I'm doing a shot for FHM, or Ralph or something."

The ultimate indecent proposal coming from the original lad mag, Playboy. A $1 million offer to go nude.

"Playboy approached me and we said no. It's different being nude in character but being nude yourself is a little bit."

Is that a no, no matter what the price?

"I think it depends where you are at and in your career - but I would prefer not to" answers Sophie. "I just want to make people laugh and that is my main thing."

Sophie Monk is the first to admit her life can be a comedy of errors. So surreal, they're now making it into her very own reality show.

Called "Bigger than Paris", our Aussie blonde bombshell is about to take on her American arch rival, Paris Hilton.

"I'm so unglamorous and so the opposite to her [Paris] I can't even tell you."

Sophie's not alone - stars like Lindsay Lohan, Katie Holmes, Beyonce Knowles all relying on the new supportive underwear. Advancements in material that now breathes, with increased tension to hold without the well known discomfort all promises to tighten, tuck, and lift no matter what your figure.

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