Snoring cures

"If you don't get good sleep you're going to end up fat, sick and stupid" says Dr. Robert Stickgold.

That's bad news for snorers and even worse for the innocent who're kept awake by the nightly sleepers symphony.

Grandmother Jan Schulz-Champman's snoring was so bad she and husband rob were often forced to sleep in separate rooms.

"Over the top of the ear plugs I was wearing I could still hear so it was pretty loud…very loud.

It's a common problem that the partner suffers insomnia while the snorer sleeps on, but it doesn't have to be that way.

We'll come back to Jan's snoring and relationship remedy shortly, but first you need to be aware that the one most at risk from the midnight chorus is in fact the snorer themselves.

According to sleeping guru Dr. Robert Stickgold from Harvard University, you should be getting at least eight hours solid sleep a night.

"About 45% of males and around 30% of females snore regularly so a lot of people do and the majority of people will snore at some stage" says Dr Nick Antic.

Dr Nick Antic from the Adelaide Sleep Health Institute says snoring is in epidemic proportions and it's often linked to more serious disorders like sleep apnoea, but he says it can be a thing of the past thanks to a range of new and improved treatments.

"There are dental plates or dental splints called 'Mandibular Advancement Splints' that bring forward the lower part of the jaw and they can be very effective therapies. Sometimes surgical approaches can be useful, sometimes using nasal sprays to decongest the nose can be helpful and occasionally as a last resort we would use the c pap, pump and mask" says Dr Nick.

As an alternative Jan opted for a natural treatment called 'Buteyko Breathing'.

Paul O'connell travels the world teaching Buteyko breathing to thousands of snoring sufferers.

The technique is based on breathing through the nose and unblocking the sinus area to help clear the airways and thanks to his treatment Jan's snoring has become a thing of the past.

Whatever you choose remember the most dangerous choice is for snorers not to act at all

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