Reporter: Sally Obermeder
Producer: David Dutton

When a celebrity reveals their secrets, it generates interest. Even if their disclosures are simply about their choice in underwear. Proof of this is in the number of names on the publicity circuit endorsing all kinds of control undergarments.

But do they really work? Today Tonight ran a road-test of the latest brands that promise to tuck, trim and contour the figure.

"You can fool people into thinking that your body is better than what it is" say Alex Perry.

Sophie Monk swears by hers... "This makes sure it just sucks it all in and makes it all tight."

Ricki Lee wiggled it, in hers... "There are a lot of shapewear girls out there."

Even Australia's latest Miss Universe strutted to success in hers... "All the girls seemed to be wearing them under their evening gowns and even under their cocktail dresses during the day."

And Hollywood starlets like Lindsay Lohan, Katie Holmes and Beyonce Knowles have all been sprung in theirs. There's no doubt, control underwear is a wardrobe wonder - promising to lift, flatten, tighten and tuck. The only thing expanding is the choice.

"There are so many choices and you can pick some of the most incredible foundation garments that make your body look 150% better than what it genuinely is" says Alex Perry.

Designer Alex Perry attributes many of his celebrity client's slimming secrets to shapewear. But like all garments he advises to choose carefully.

"The first thing they have to be tight. You should actually have a bit of difficulty getting into them that's the whole point - that they are going to suck everything in. If they are too loose, they will actually add bulk underneath what you are wearing. For bras especially, you check the back. It's great to look at the front but if there is back fat involved and your bra is too tight it might look fantastic front on but doesn't look good back on either."

Alex says to look for something that creates a waist, flattens the stomach, reduces the thighs while creating no visible panty line. The best option - an all in on piece like one from Miraclesuit.

When you're a slim stunner like Laura Dundovic, you have to wonder why she'd need the help of Bella Body shapewear to compete in this year's Miss Universe contest. "For me it more about look like I have really good waist and also being able to push up a little bit. I'm not very big up top so I like to be able to make myself look a bit more curvey. I guess it worked in both ways."

Contouring underwear may not be new. But what is new is the developments in design and fabric. Increased tension coupled with more supportive structures.

Our size 14 model, Tamara, road-tested 4 of the most popular brands to see which gave the best results.

First a slip by Naomi and Nicole at $99.95 - 3cm came off Tamara's waist and 1 cm off her hips.

Compared to this $39.95 version by Hold Me Tight which took an impressive 4cm off her waist and 3cm off her thighs.

A 2 piece combination by Nearly Nude costing $99.90 and gave Tamara a 3cm reduction off both her waist and hips.

The best result over all for value and results- Hollywood Shapes at $69.95. Kelly's lost 4cm off both her waist and hips.

"If it's good enough for those A list celeb girls its good enough for you" adds Alex.

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