Roo Gully

Reporter: Graeme Butler

They might not know it yet but these Kangaroos are really facing the battle of their lives. They've already beaten the odds to be here at all, but the sanctuary they call home and TV viewers across the world have come to know as Roo Gully is under threat.

Carol Lander, her now ex-husband and their mob of kangaroos played out on TV in 'The Roo Gully Diaries' but what started as a fly- on- the- wall look at a working wildlife sanctuary, ended up documenting the collapse of a marriage.

The TV series that put this little corner of Australia on the map is still being shown overseas but sadly the final entry in 'The Roo Gully Diaries' could read sold to the highest bidder. This property could be on the market in just a couple of weeks.

It's hardly surprising Carol is near breaking point at the thought of selling Roo Gully. To her these roos are more than wildlife, they're more like family. She knows everyone of them; she's watched them born and die.

Carol is such a part of the mob that when orphaned joeys arrive they find a surrogate mother and a warm bed.

The Roo Gully Sanctuary in Boyup Brook takes in orphaned and injured wildlife of all sorts. Some are returned to the wild, others like these roos live out their days on the property. It's like a living laboratory that attracts university students and science graduates from around the world. What begins as a study often becomes a passion.

Roo Gully is a registered Charity but with charity dollars hard to come by volunteers are now hoping and praying someone comes to the rescue of Roo Gully.

Roo Gully Sanctuary is in Boyup Brook near Bridgetown in the South West
Roo Gully is a registered charity and donations are tax deductible.
Phone 08 9765 1514
Roo Gully Wildlife Sanctuary
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