Rent Rort

Reporter: Mark Gibson

This is Rebecca the rental rorter and here's how the scam worked. Rebecca Mohi rented a suburban townhouse, but pretended to own it. She put an ad on a popular website calling for tenants and was flooded with inquiries.

Shane Binns answered the ad and agreed to rent the house. He paid Rebecca $1,200 bond up front. The Problem is Rebecca didn't own the house.

"Renting privately seems like a greater avenue to attempt because you can get face to face with the owner to explain your situation and possibly get a rental. So for someone to exploit that it's quite disgusting in my opinion" says Shane.

Shane became suspicious when they filled out the lease agreement.

"When she's come to sign the agreement she's come to sign as an applicant and then I've said no you're signing in the wrong spot, you've got to sign as the owner".

Rebecca pocketed $10,000 in one week, renting the same property to at least 6 other house hunters. All the while raking in $500 a week in Centrelink benefits. Seven victims in seven days.

Ex-pat Irishman Kieren Harnan is another victim.

"I was going to go down one day but she rang me up and told me that her son was ill and he had to be rushed to hospital".

Rebecca Mohi tried to fleece more money, inventing a tale about flying her husband's body back to New Zealand.

"She asked me how would I be fixed for a little bit of rent up front and I said how much would you want? She said to get the body back it'll cost about $10,000 so I said I wouldn't have it".

Imagine Grace Bierman's surprise. She's the real landlord and rented the townhouse to Rebecca, her partner and 5 children.

"If you look back from the time she's put it on the website which was early January…if she was having one person here a night she could've easily accumulated up to $30,000."

When Grace tried to confront her dodgy tenant...

"The children were all on the couch in their pyjamas and when I've asked where's Mummy, they've said 'oh she left last night while we were sleeping' but in actual fact she left that morning after they were all calling to get their money back".

Here's the final twist. Rebecca the rorter has now been convicted of fraud and evicted from the house. So Grace the landlord has agreed to let Shane the victim move in.

"It's a scam all round and people need to be really careful and don't take people on face value anymore."

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