Recession Busters: Tips for families

Reporter: Bryan Seymour

In the latest of our recession busters series, we spend a day with an Aussie mum who has followed our tips and is reaping the rewards.

Amy Collins is a mother-of-two who is juggling family, her career and harsh economic times but with some expert advice and insider information this super mum has found some super savings.

Our series on grocery shopping savings featured Andrew Hall from Woolworths, who revealed that timing is everything.

"If you want bargains in bread, later in the day because we bake every day, we'll be marking down the bread," he said.

Mr Hall said usually after 5pm is the best time to grab a bread bargain.

"Thanks to your story, I've definitely learnt the time of the day and the day of the week makes a massive difference." Amy said.

"Since the recession buster story I saw, we're saving at least 40 to 60 per cent on bread."

Timing can be everything and with cooked chickens for example, many supermarkets do not display them for more than four hours.

"This is something I was totally unaware of, great saving," Amy said.

"Every three to four hours they throw the chickens out, so depending on what time of day you come, great savings, cheap chooks."

Cath Armstrong from has also weighed in.

"I have a few secrets about shopping and one of them is if you shop on certain days you can slash at least 50 per cent off your grocery bill," she said.

Amy said timing is everything with impromptu bargains.

"Coming down at certain times of the day, you can save a great amount," she said.

It is not just Amy's grocery bill that is looking leaner. She is paying less at the chemist too.

Generic brands are identical to the labelled brand.

"Since the story I'm well relieved that generic brands are exactly the same as the labelled brands," she said.

"The difference is the saving, that's really important when you have a family of four."

Our health insurance recession buster tips also helped tone and focus the family finances.

"Our monthly premiums are about $315 for comprehensive family insurance, which is pretty much around the $4000 annual mark," Amy said.

Our series on health insurance pointed Amy to websites, including a free on-line service comparing policies and prices selecting the best match, for her family.

It saved them $1500 a year on their annual premium.

"Our coverage was way too extensive for our family," Amy said.

"We've looked at a more tailored package more suited to our family needs at this stage."