Pillow Face

Reporter: Sophie Hull

It's long been said that as we age we make a choice - to keep the body thin enough the face will have to suffer. The cosmetic trend currently sweeping Hollywood indicates this is no longer the case. We are watching stars in their 40's and older with the plump cheeked appearance of someone decades younger despite their shrinking frames.

Somethings up. Incredibly slim stars are looking fuller faced as the years go by. We know about botox and it's not that. So how are they keeping volume in the face and lips - without adding volume in the hips?

The "pillow face" as it's been dubbed restores otherwise sunken cheeks and hollowed eyes to their full, smooth, youthful glory. And devotees never have to own up to a thing according to Who magazine's celebrity News Editor Sarah Grant.

"It's non-invasive so therefore doesn't qualify as plastic surgery. The other major benefit is that it has no major down time so you don't have to go around with all the bandages and the bruising the fillers are simply injected into your face and voila you have the plump look that they're all going for" says Sarah.

Fillers. So that's it. Author and cosmetic industry insider David Segal says "The majority of dermal fillers on the Australian market are made from Hyalauronic acid which is a naturally occurring substance in our body and basically it's injected in to all different parts of the face depending on where the volume is required so it's a quick instant result that gives you a natural refreshed look and you can walk out wiping years off your age."

David is the practice manager at Cosmos Clinic. Australians have been getting fillers for a decade, demand now growing as new products appear.

"Dermal fillers will last generally around six months in the lips and they tend to last a little bit longer in different parts of the face so if you're using it in the cheek area or around the eyes you're looking at 8 - 12 months."

"As you age you really do lose the fat in your face and particularly as I spend a lot of time in the gym or pounding the streets and I can keep the body fit but the face has lost all the fat and that's not good." Marcie understands how Madonna feels. At 61 she has a fit, youthful body but she thinks her face is paying the price. Dr Joseph Ajaka injects a product called "voluma" into her cheeks and under her eyes and just minutes later she's delighted with the result. "I'm very happy with the results and it's most definitely worthwhile. I'd recommend it to anyone."

Apparently you're never too young to start the plumping process. Just ask 26 year old Natalie. She's taken issue with her lips. "I've got slightly smaller edges on the side so just widen that a bit and puff it out a little bit…. I don't want to have the trout pout or look like I've gone overboard and look unnatural."

Once again, a little anaesthetic, some scary needles and a few minutes later - a new pillow face is born.

That wasn't Natalie's first procedure and she admits it won't be her last. If an Australian, Human Resources worker can't resist experimenting with her face - imagine the pressure in Hollywood.