Property Gun

Reporter: Mark Gibson

When you think of real estate hot spots you probably don't think of Ravensthorpe. The closure of BHP's nickel mine and the loss of 1,800 jobs had a devastating effect on the local economy, but you're about to meet a bloke who's determined to shoot some life back into this struggling community.

You've heard of buy one get one free. Out here in Ravensthorpe, it's buy one get a GUN free.

"If you buy a block of land from me at Ravensthorpe Ridge, I'll give you a free firearm or ammunition or both to the value of $1000" says Ross Williamson.

No, he's not mad and yes, it is legal.

As a criminal lawyer, Ross Williamson represented a few outlaws and now he's accused of being one.

"I think it would be very irresponsible for a person to actually hand out firearms in exchange for buying property" says Samantha Lee from the National Coalition for Gun Control.

Already forced to slash the price of land by 70% Ross needed an extra incentive.

"I saw other developers offering free things with property that they were selling. Things like free stamp duty, free washing machines, free televisions and I thought to myself well why not give something which is really useful and which is fun for all the family".

Just a short drive from the centre town are the 17 remaining lots; Hectares of wide open space, plenty of room for you and your gun.

"So if they want a .22 calibre rifle, bolt action rifle, no problem. If they want to use a shot gun for clay target shooting, no problem. If they want to get a rifle for target shooting no problem. If he's a professional kangaroo shooter and he needs a .223 for professional kangaroo shooting no problem" says Ross.

Samantha Lee says it sounds like a scene from the American Wild West and it's not something we need in Australia.

"Particularly after the Port Arthur massacre, new laws were introduced to reduce the number of firearms in the community and stunts like this will only look at increasing firearms in the community".

Ross says "before you get the gun you have to get a licence from the police and you have to satisfy them that you're a fit and proper person and that you've got a valid reason for it."

Prices start at $40,000 for a 4 hectare block. Visit for more info…