Pastry Awards

Reporter: Mark Gibson

It's a pie lover's paradise."Mmm he's retained a really good beef flavour throughout the pie."

A dessert lover's delight."Tough job you've got. -It's not too bad."

Batch after batch of brilliant bread. "I'm developing slightly more affection for this one."

116 bakeries.. 47 categories.. so, who makes the perfect pastry? The results in a moment. "We scrutinise the base of the pies, not just the top." Mike French knows his pies.. he's the chief judge."The meat's not got the nice meaty colour that we're looking for, the nice brown meaty colour."

After analysing the appearance, the all-important taste test.

"You need the combination of the gravy the pastry and the meat all to compliment each other."

Mmm, how do you get a job like this? "And you can try the difference where this one here you can see thre's a lot more gravy and this one here whilst it's a fantastic meat pie it just doesn't have that good balance of the good gravy in there as well.. -I can try it? -You can try it. -I thought you'd never ask."

Of course you can't just try one.. you have to be able to compare. "Little bit dry on the after taste.. -I prefer the other one, I don't like it as dry.. am I right? -You're right.. I could do this job.. 385 pies to go.. this is easy.. 385 pies to go."

Over in the bread section..."See that beautiful texture there, that is almost a perfect texture." The judges are poking, prodding and sniffing."By smelling a loaf of bread your taste buds are virtually the same."

So what makes the perfect loaf? "Texture, appearance, crust and also aroma, aroma and the colour."

"So we've asked what makes good bread, what makes a good judge? -What makes a good judge, someone who loves bread."

That means this bloke must love cake.. although when it comes to chocolate eclairs, big isn't always best. "Without being too critical I mean to have that would be.. it's a bit big and fat isn't it.. it's too big, you want something size wise this is nice."

So who is the creme de la creme?

The grand prize goes to Denmark Bakery.. the best cheesecake with this pistacchio and lime creation.. the best Black Forrest cake, even the best loaf of white bread.

Owner Clete O'Brien puts it down to..."Time, ingredients and technique, that's what we base our success on and that's what we base our business on."

Miami Bakehoue was a big winner.. best vanilla slice and best wholemeal bread.

While Jaylea's Patisserie in Willagee makes the best lamb pie and the best chicken pie.. owner Darren Rowe admits it's more like a roast dinner."This is the first day we've made it, it was made especially for the show but you will be able to buy it.. coming soon, what are you going to charge for a pie like that? Be around $5.50."

But we reckon the big one is the good old Aussie meat pie.. Jaylea's Patisserie came in second. Darren says "You got the quality the people will eat it and they'll like it and they'll come back.. and passion.. and passion yeah."

And it's official.. the best meat pie in the west is a six hour drive away in Denmark. "What's your secret to a good meat pie? Flavoursome filling and a crunchy pastry you know, if you can master that, you're on your way."

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