Organic Childcare

Reporter: Mark Gibson

For parents, finding the right childcare centre can be a nightmare.

"There was a day care centre on either end of my street but I wasn't very happy with those so I looked at about 8 centres before I found one I was happy with which meant driving 40 minutes each way" says Debbie.

Tired of the childcare run around, Debbie Reuben opened her own. Australia's first organic childcare centre.

"Our philosophy is very nature based, we are trying to set ourselves up to be sustainable and decrease our impact on the environment".

Debbie's a Naturopath who says what kids eat can have a huge impact on their health.

"They've done lots of studies and pesticides and chemicals in foods really impacts on the health and well being of young immune systems".

At OrganiKids in Bassendean, toddlers grow their own veggies and herbs. They don't eat wheat or dairy products…not a piece of polony or cup of cordial in sight.

"This morning they're having hummus dip with fruit sticks and they're having meatballs as well with organic tomato sauce. For lunch they're having a vegetarian quiche."

Debbie teaches the kids about worm farming. The worm castings are then used to fertilise the veggie patch.

After going organic, parents have noticed big changes in their little people.

"Just in her general well being within herself, the way she deals with her emotions and her general behaviour patterns have changed a lot since we've put more of a focus on healthy eating and nutrition" says one Mum.

For 4 year old Amelia, the lessons learned at day care are being reinforced at home.

"The more I can grow here the more I know what's going into my child's body and therefore the less I have to fight with".

Stephanie Canet was opposed to day care, until she found OrganiKids.

"I would rather spend $8 on something that's organic and the saving in my mind is $8 that I'm not spending on a medical service."

Stephanie tries to shield her two littlies from birthday parties, lolly bags and cordial.

"The colours and flavours and additives that are going into their poor little bodies that they have to fight with every day. I mean these are things of where cancers start you know it might just start with an asthma or an allergy but it's being just compounded and compounded and then on top of that we give them drugs to combat that and you know, food should be your medicine and medicine should be your food."

OrganiKids is in Whitfield St Bassendean.

Owned and run by Debi Reuben.

Ph 9279 5431.