Op Shopping

Reporter: Graeme Butler

There are two kinds of shoppers; those who've discovered op-shopping and those who haven't. Gone are the stigmas of the past. These days' people from all walks of life are snapping up bargains from dungarees to designer dresses.

Lucinda Ardagh is from St Vincent de Paul which among its many op shops, runs two specialty retro stores for high end second hand clothes.

Mitle Southey is a recycled clothes convert. She's a regular at St Vinnies retro store and has agreed to be our model to give you an idea of the savings you can make by going second hand.

Mitles' first outfit is casual. Jeans, top, scarf and shoes. All are in excellent condition and all are a remarkable saving.

New you could pay as much as $270 for this outfit, but here the lot will set you back just $40 including a bargain pair of jeans.

Mitle's next outfit is formal and again will save a fortune. This evening dress is like new and fits' like a glove. More importantly it won't cost much more than a new pair of gloves. At just $25 the entire outfit came in at $47. New you'd expect to pay as much as $290.

Gabby Philleppe is a mum with two kids and she's discovered a fortune of savings in kids' clothes at Good Sammies and because kids grow so quickly the clothes are often barely worn, if not new.

For what would normally cost upwards of $20 or $30 a piece, Gabby has been able to pick up clothes for the kids for just a couple of bucks.

John Knowles is the boss of Good Samaritan industries. He says saving money isn't the only reason more and more people are shopping in their stores. There's the charity aspect of helping a good cause and providing jobs, but people are also realises it helps the environment.

St Vinnies Retro Store is on William Street, Northbridge W.A.

For more information or to donate to St Vinnies Christmas appeal… click here