New You

Reporter: Sally Obermeder

They've been doing it in Hollywood for years -- now it's being done here -- skincare and cosmetic procedures that deliver makeover magic with minimal downtime -- one week to a newer, younger you.

Working mum, Annette isn't ready for surgery. Instead she's hoping to turn back the clock with a herbal skin peel. "The Herbal Aktiv Peel is a skin resurfacing treatment, a treatment based purely on herbs, there are no acids or chemicals in it and so there's no injury to the skin", said Sue Dann.

Sue has been performing herbal peels for almost 10 years, and acknowledges that at around $680 the treatment isn't cheap, but is comparable to other treatments. "We compare it if you like to lasering or strong chemical peels which are about the same price and we are using natural products and we aren't injuring the skin so you get a very safe result, naturally. The skin slows down so the point is we are actually getting a fresh, new layer of skin to replace the dried skin or the old skin", Sue said.

The treatment, initially established in Germany 50 years ago, uses a combination of dried crushed herbs -- mainly spirulina, horsetail and calandula -- which when mixed together activate to make the skin peel.

Once the herbs are embedded in Annette's skin it's a case of wait and peel. "You get a full facial peel. It starts at the corners of the mouth on day two and by day four or five the whole face has usually peeled", Sue said.

Day 5 and Annette's skin has peeled and she's back for her treatment and the big reveal. "I think it's fabulous and it's had such a big effect on me in such a short time. It's made me feel younger, more confident, I feel like I'm 10 years younger and it was so easy", Annette said.

Also keen to see a big turnaround in one week is 49-year-old author Courtney Webb. Courtney will be having a new minimally invasive facelift -- a procedure that promises to tighten the facial muscles, reduces facial fat and correct sagging skin in just three hours.

It also promises to have the patient back on their feet in seven to 10 days. "A lot of patients want this type of procedure. The whole aim of this new procedure is to make small incisions in front of the ear, up in the hairline, to lift the lower part of the face. It's really addressing the lower part of the face and the neck as well", said cosmetic facial surgeon Dr. Michael Zacharia.

Dr. Zacharia explains this surgery is only suitable for certain candidates, "It's perfect for the younger patient with good skin who has minimal jowling and minimal droop", he said.

At around $10 000 it's a serious investment, but it is one that Courtney is thrilled with. "When I look in the mirror now I see someone I was a long time ago. I keep looking in the mirror and saying who the hell is that? I knew it would be good but this is beyond expectation", Courtney said.

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