Unlike Britain's Got Talent runner-up Susan Boyle, most of us would keep it secret. Not too Meagan Jackson -- 27 and never been kissed.

"I've been too self-conscious. I don't think I have anything to offer and low opinion of myself and it just hasn't happened for me", Megan said.

Meagan believes her dreams have been damaged by her on going battle with depression. Meagan has been fighting her private and isolated war with the illness for a long time and has been medicated for depression for almost a decade. "It's ruined my life, that's why I am where I am now as opposed to where my friends are. It's tainted every decision that' I've made", Meagan said.

But it may have prompted her bravest move -- so frustrated with depression, she recently told the world via you tube of what it's like to battle mental illness and her dream of a kiss.

Megan has set her sights on a star -- a Hollywood star in the shape of Twilight's lead, Robert Pattinson. She accepts it's unlikely, but wants him to be her dream first kiss.

Through her courageous move, she's raising money for the charity One-in-Five, a support group for the one in five Australians likely to experience depression in their lives.

Psychologist Robyn Rubenstein is concerned. "It's a cry for help and I think with cyberspace opportunities, people are shopping for therapy and medication elsewhere", Robyn said.

But for the full-time student who already has a university degree, this is just so much more. "It's okay to admit you're sick and people will understand. Just being honest I've been overwhelmed by how much support I've been getting. It was cathartic in a way because of my own depression and saying this is my experience and that's okay, there's nothing wrong with it, trying to convince myself there was nothing wrong with it", Meagan said.

And perhaps that's the sweetest kiss of all.

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