Nathan Aliens

Reporter: Mark Gibson

As a radio funny man, Nova's Nathan Morris is used to being in control.

Extra-terrestrial expert Mary Rodwell has done more than a thousand of these transgression sessions searching for alien intervention. If Mary says they're bizarre, they must be bizarre.

Sounds whacky enough but check out what happens when Nathan goes under hypnosis…

He travels back to the age of seven and sees a strange light in the sky and opens up about some strange visitors in the night.

"People talking really close to my ears, but I can't open my eyes and see them."

Nathan emerged from his hour of hypnosis feeling a little uneasy about what he'd revealed.

Before you go rushing off to trace your own alien contact, a word of warning…

"If you don't understand what actually this is about and you do it in an uninformed way you can damage someone's psyche quite seriously" says Mary.

Mary Rodwell is giving a talk on Saturday, May 9 at 7.15pm at Wollaston College Conference Centre, Mt Claremont.

Cost is $35 payable at the door only.

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