Mummy Make Over

Reporter: Sally Obermeder

Mums are now able to turn back the body clock thanks to a new procedure. Mummy Tummy Magic is a combination of two cosmetic procedures that allows mums to walk in with a post baby body and walk back out a few hours later wit their pre baby body.

Sally Obermeder has a look at this new surgery which is rapidly gaining popularity with mums overseas, and now here in Australia.

"More and more women are looking to get their pre baby bodies back and these procedures are no longer just for the rich and the famous or Hollywood celebrities" says David Segal.

'This is a very new procedure… with a quick recovery time and no ugly scar" adds Dr Joseph Ajaka.

Motherhood is the toughest job in the world and leaves its mark early. Which is where a new procedure helps - in one just one day.

"Mummy Tummy Magic involves removing the fat using a gentle technique called liquid lipo and then following that up with tightening of the skin, using a laser. That way we have a less invasive procedure, with a quick recovery time and they don't have an ugly scar at the end of it and they can get back to looking after their kids straight away" says Dr Ajaka.

Which is what appealed to new mum Tegan, 20 months after giving birth to twin girls, she wanted get her old body back. "I'm unhappy with my stomach and my love handles. Since the babies they've been very different and I'm paranoid about it. I'm just finding that those areas are quite stubborn, no matter what I do it's just sticking around."

And that makes Tegan a perfect candidate. Dr Joseph Ajaka from the Cosmos Clinic says "It's for people who want to remove those bulges that just won't budge with exercise and for people who can't get rid of loose skin despite exercising."

Dr Ajaka focuses on the post baby hot spots, the stomach and love handles.

So there's a jet of water, that we use to infiltrate the numbing solution and that's what we use to separate the fat. So now we are going to continue to break down the fat and we're going to suck the fat out and you can see the fat going out" shows Dr Ajaka during a procedure.

Liquid Lipo operates on the same principle as traditional liposuction - fatty deposits are extracted through a cannular. But...

"The liquid lipo or the liposoft uses the force of water instead of using sheer force that allows me to do is to remove the fat in a much more gentle fashion so the patient can be awake and there's much less trauma to the patient so there's a quicker recovery time" explains Dr Ajaka.

"Any form of surgery is an invasive procedure so liposoft needs to be classified with all of the other surgical procedures that carry risks of infection." Dr Jeremy Hunt is a fellow of the Royal Australian College of Surgeons and a member of the Australian Society of Plastic Surgeons. He warns that anyone considering cosmetic surgery should be cautious. "It's not really a decision that should be taken lightly but one that's well considered with pros and cons balanced against each other."

Part 2: skin tightening using a laser, an updated version of the traditional tummy tuck.

The laser is applied under the 2nd layer of skin where the dermis lives, and delivers heat precisely where it is needed, preventing the need to cut the skin and thus avoiding scarring.

All up it's taken about two hours, and Tegan is thrilled.

"You get instant results… in terms of liquid lipo the optimum results in most cases is in 6 weeks, for the skin contraction 3 months because the collagen takes 90 days for it to turnover, but you will notice improved quality of the skin immediately" says Dr Ajaka.

The Yummy Tummy Magic procedures starts from $5000.

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