Lucky Lotto

Reporter: Graeme Butler

By day Chris is cleaning up our neighbourhoods as a council rubbish collector. By night he's cleaning up a tidy fortune playing lotto. He's never hit the jackpot but his regular winnings are quite remarkable.

Chris was playing lotto every week using a standard ticket, but then he crunched the numbers and decided to try a system 11 ticket only on jackpot draws, but at $276 a ticket, it's a much bigger gamble.

"I just worked it out mathematically that if you put on a system 11 you've got a far better chance or any system of winning rather that just putting it on a slick pick and at the end of the year if you only did the jackpots it works out at the same amount invested" says Chris.

Fortune seems to have smiled on Chris. The winnings have rolled in at $4,000 here…$1,200 there. He even picked up a big windfall with a friend.

Joe Fagan runs the Amelia Heights newsagency where Chris religiously buys his ticket. Perhaps it's the luck of the Irish rubbing off…

While lotto is a game of random chance, according to Jodie Eastman from Lotterywest for some reason some numbers do seem luckier than others.

"In 2008 we did have some lucky numbers. The number 40 and 21 were our luckiest, closely followed by 24, 30 and 3".

While Chris might seem luckier than most he still hasn't hit the big time, but in reality the biggest lotto winners aren't the division one winners. More often people like Chris pick up small fortunes every week.

"It might not pay off a mortgage completely or allow players to go on a lifelong around the world trip, but it will certainly allow them to pay off minor debts or lend a hand to family members" says Jodie from Lotterywest.

Chris is still holding out hope he'll hit the big bucks, one day!