Lotto Winner

Reporter: Mark Gibson

"We've paid for the house".

"We've bought the new car".

"We've done the kitchen".

"We're going on holidays tomorrow to Singapore".

"I have invested over $200,000 in superannuation".

Ah, the Lotto life. Howard and Christine Withers have five hundred and seventy one thousand reasons to smile. That's how much they won in Saturday Lotto.

They gave the five kids $10,000 each. Helped pay for their son's wedding and…

"My eldest desperately needed a new car and hers was a death trap and I just sort of said you know, so we bought her a little Hyundai little car and she's over the moon."

The Kelmscott couple shared their winnings with family and friends, but didn't tell the neighbours.

"The neighbours kept saying you've got a new car and then they went oh you're having a new kitchen fitted, I said yes yes, you're not working anymore, no no, yeah they'll know now."

Then there are Terry and Wayne. Brothers-in-law from Geraldton who won four hundred and forty four thousand dollars.

"Wayne was always having a bit of trouble backing a winner, so much so that we nicknamed him Lucky and I just said to him, one day Wayne one of these days you're going to have a hell of a lot of luck and I'd like to be around when you do."

Terry's winnings are going towards some renovations and a holiday. As for Lucky...

"Bought the wife a new car so she needed a new car so that was good, we paid off the mortgage for the house so that's all taken care of."

Jodi Eastman from Lotterywest has the low down on 2008's luckiest Saturday Lotto numbers.

"The luckiest numbers this year were actually the numbers 40 and 21 which was interesting, closely followed by 30, 24 and 3" says Jodi.

And the not so lucky.

"The unluckiest number proved to be the number 16 which has not yet come up in any Saturday Lotto draw this year. So it's due in 2009. It must be due."

Here are the year's luckiest locations.

The Perth city area sold five division one winners.

Equal second were Armadale and Kalamunda with four division one winners.

Followed by Mandurah, Fremantle and Joondalup with three.

This year's Lotto highlight would have to be our two 13 million dollar winners in July's record Powerball draw.

One generous great grandmother gave a million dollars each to Telethon and Princess Margaret Hospital. But, the other winner...

"Now the other $13 million is actually outstanding, still yet to be claimed. The ticket was purchased from the Beechboro newsagency."

Might be time to check those secret hiding places.

"After 12 months the unclaimed prize money actually goes straight back into the community in direct grants."

More Lotto records are expected to be set this Saturday night. It's the 30 million dollar New Year Megadraw. Lotterywest reckon they'll be able to give $6 million back to the WA community from this draw alone."

With our winners enjoying their new found fortune they've got some advice for the rest of us.

"Just give it a go; you've got to be in it to win it. I mean I've heard people sit back and say I never win Lotto and then I said to them when was the last time you bought a ticket, oh I don't buy a ticket, I said well how the Dickens are you going to win it if you're not going to buy a ticket."

Christine and Howard are off on their Singapore holiday convinced their Lotto luck isn't over yet.

"When I was about 19 I had my palm read and they said that I would personally have 2 wins in my life so we'll see, we'll see."