Adelaide Kung Fu master Stephen Tiong is having enormous success treating chronic pain sufferers with his rather unconventional method -- beating them with a bamboo stick.

He's had people up and walking, throwing away their painkillers, as well getting sports stars on the mend much sooner than conventional medical treatments.

Well now he's got the thumbs up from doctors and pain specialists with his extreme treatment for aches and chronic pain.

While it seems a contradiction that being beaten black and blue with a stick can heal you, there are plenty who vouch for Stephen Tiong's unorthodox technique.

Take Bob Newman, wracked by back pain and walking with the aid of crutches. "Hard to walk, sitting pretty much impossible especially trying to sit and have a meal, go to rest, having to lie down."

"At first I thought I can't help him… but I thought I had to try because if I don't try there is nobody there who can help him because I am last person" says Stephen.

And he was jumping for joy, immediately after that first treatment. Bob says he no longer needs morphine for his pain and his mobility has greatly improved. "Definitely the level of pain is much less, even if it goes down, it's a big difference" says Bob.

"Yeah I am a doctor and scientifically it shouldn't make sense, but yes it does work", says Dr Chris Teh.

Now even doctors are singing his praises, like GP Christopher The. A few whacks from Stephen soon fixed a debilitating shoulder injury. "I've got full range of movement, can lie down on it, can roll on it, without pain. It's been very good."

And Dr Tyrone Aba's neck and shoulder pain has disappeared. "As a western trained doctor I have been sceptical of such treatments but having received treatment it something another alternative of treatment we should consider."

Stephen Tiong, a Wu Chu Martial Arts Grand Master, says it's an ancient Chinese healing technique used to treat injuries sustained by Kung Fu Masters which has been passed on through the centuries. "After the treatment you have this sunburn sensation on skin other than that you are normal, you can move much better. You can run, jump, swim, can dance, go back to play sports immediately."

He's the only one in the world doing it using special bamboo sticks from the jungles of Malaysia, now his mission is to keep the age-old art alive.

So what's the secret? According to Stephen, constant tapping brings toxins which lurk in body tissues to the surface of the skin, they look like black blotches which are massaged out. "But hitting somebody with a bamboo stick is no different than medically using electric shock wave treatment, ultrasound because they use energy. Bamboo stick does all, that its just its so ancient that's why nobody believe it."

"Obviously he is getting some results, people that go in there are different from people who go out so I think its something we need to look further into to see how it works, why it works and what are the bits that work" says Dr Leow.

Dr Stephen Leow, a pain management specialist and Adelaide University lecturer, believes there just might be some credible medical explanation to Stephen's talent. 'There are a couple of techniques where movement frees up frozen joints, other use of ultrasounds to pulverise tissue almost and that seems to get results as well so I think these parallel the bamboo beating" adds Dr Leow.

Dr Leow says the next step is to conduct a proper clinical study which would determine the benefits from Stephen's stinging sticks.

In the meantime Stephen's off to the UK and the US, answering the call from desperate people who've seen his stinging style on you tube.

Dr Stephen Tiong can be contacted on 0412 388 811 from August 2009 (he is currently overseas until this time).