Jerry Seinfeld was the 90's king of comedy. His hit TV series 'Seinfeld' perfectly captured the hilarious ins and outs of the single life. Now after a 10 year break from television, he's back with a new concept -- a show that applies the rules of sport with the delicate intricacies of marriage, with some very funny results.

Ah yes, the joys of being married as even the happiest couple will attest, there will be times where men and women simply don't see eye to eye and for comedy king Jerry Seinfeld that's pure gold. "All over the world in every home where there is a married couple they are fighting about something at some point, it's the ultimate comedy goldmine" says Jerry.

The idea he says came from a real life incident with wife of almost ten years, Jessica. "I was with my wife in our apartment one day and we got into a difference of opinion about something and a friend of hers was there and I said you know what, I'm glad you're here I want you to referee this difference of opinion. We each talked for a couple of minutes, the person considered both sides and declared a winner and that was it and I thought this is fantastic this is the way marriage should be… a ref. People need a ref."

"I think anytime you have a man and a woman trying to get along it's funny but what's different about this show is you're seeing the actual arguments and some are very unusual, things that a writer couldn't make up."

So what's the appeal in watching other couples argue? "Because for two reasons either you have the same problem or you are glad you don't so either way you're happy to see another couple arguing" answers Jerry.

So what has almost a decade of marriage taught Jerry Seinfeld? "The biggest lesson is keep your mouth shut… just be quiet and everything is better… no just kidding the biggest lesson is that it's worth it. The other thing about the show is that it is a pro marriage show, we really believe in marriage and at the end of the show you will feel happy. There's a little thing we do at the end when we kind of have this package of all the couples you've seen fighting happy and together and we play music and its very affirming that marriage is worth all the struggle" says Jerry.

So, if you have a bone to pick with your partner -- that you would like solved by a panel of comedians on national TV -- then head to the and look for The Marriage Ref banner, to apply for the show.