Inventor Mums

Reporter: Graeme Butler

They're simple ideas, but it took Perth Mums to think of them.

Leanne Weshe is a Perth Mum and leading business woman. Her company packs fresh fruit and vegetables for a major supermarket chain and perhaps being surround by fresh produce helped spark the idea that turned Leanne into an inventor.

"I was at home preparing meals for my family and washing all my fruit and veggies under water and I was concerned that water alone was not washing the chemicals and bacteria".

After years in development Leanne has launched her fruit and veggie wash. It's a natural product to clean contaminants from the fruit and vegetables you eat.

A lot of the agricultural chemicals are designed to be waterproof to stick well but 'Safeguard Fruit and Veggie Wash' allows the water to stick more readily to the contaminants and remove them from the surface".

David Lee from UWA's Bio medical lab worked with Leanne to develop the product.

"We went for the development using ingredients which were all extracted from natural sources so in fact all the ingredients that are used in it are certified safe as food additives themselves anyway".

For Carolin Monet it was a personal battle with eczema that turned her into an inventor and led to the development of her own medicated cream.

"I looked for the oils that were age old remedies for skin problems and they all had to have the properties that were necessary to deal with every aspect of the problem".

Caroline's cream began as a home made creation, whipped up for friends.

Caz Gould swears by Caroline's cream after it helped control her daughter Nadia's severe psoriasis.

Caroline's' cream has now moved from home to production line to meet the strict standards required by the Therapeutic Goods Administration.

"I used to do the manufacturing but once it became a TGA licensed product of course I couldn't do that anymore but it really had taken over the entire house and it wasn't fair on the family either".

While the product isn't made at home thanks to internet sales Caroline's house has again become a production line of sorts keeping up with demand.

"It's not about making money for me it's about offering a solution to something that can be totally all consuming in their lives having a skin problem".

Caroline's Cream is available at selected Chemists across W.A or on-line. Details at

Safeguard Fruit and Veggie Wash is available at selected outlets and COLES supermarkets. Details at