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  • Reporter: Lynda Kinkade

Having great hair and a good complexion could be as simple as a opening your fridge door - you can also save some serious money.

Would you rather pay $500 for a moisturiser in a store or two dollars?

Of course, we'd all love to save as much money as we can. It's even possible to make products that offer the same results as the expensive products from stores.

Actor Robin Williams used a pavlova inspired face mask while playing the role of Mrs Doubtfire. While that was comical - there's a lot to be said for natural ingredients.

Former international model turned beauty advisor Gregory Landsman believes your kitchen cupboard holds all you need for a perfect complexion.

"A simple grape to a lemon, potato, caster sugar - it's all very cost effective, practical and it gets results," Landsman said.

"It's been proven the skin absorbs nutrients as effectively as if you digested it - so you're actually feeding the skin."

Landsman was so convinced of the benefits of natural products, he encouraged Cameron's Botique Modelling Agency to go natural.

Models from Cameron's have strutted catwalks in Milan and New York, and they all vouch for organic skin products including grapes, olive oil and avacado.

"It's definitely cheaper and easy - you use one side to moisturise and the other to exfoliate," one model said.

"I like the idea of using grapes because a lot of the commercial products have so much marketing involved you don't know what's good for and what's useful - but you know exactly what's in grapes - they've got a high dose of vitamin c and that's got to be good for your skin," another model said.

"This just olive oil a bit of caster sugar and it exfoliates and gets rid if all the dead skin cells - once you wash it off it feels really smooth. You must save a fortune on scrubs - it's true, it's amazing what you can find in your pantry."

In terms of commercial product comparisons, Landsman compares recipes in his book, 'Face Value,' to the following.

FACE CREAM : Stimulates collagen production
La Prairie Skin Caviar Luxe Crème 100ml... cost: $993
Alternative: Lemon, bunch of grapes and natural yogurt... cost: approx. $3

For a cream to stimulate collagen production and improve elasticity in the skin, you can pay up to a thousand dollars. For the same effect mix a few grapes, lemon and natural yogurt.

Landsman says: "A Powerful treatment - it's a double does of alpha hydroxy acid, a double dose of vitamin c which is collegen and elastin building."

FACE CREAM: Minimises puffiness, and reduces fine lines
Perricome Ageless Night Care 30ml... cost: $415
Alternative: Potato, cucumber, and honey... cost: approx. $3

An anti-aging cream to reduce fine lines could set you back $415. For the same effect juice a potato, half a cucumber a teaspoon of honey.

Landsman says: "That will basically hydrate, smooth and reduce puffiness."

FACE CREAM: Hydrates, moisturises & tones
La Mer Body Crème 300ml... cost: $319
Alternative: olive oil, lemon... cost: approx. $6

A cream for dry skin could cost up to $320 - or the alternative mix olive oil, lemon for just $6.

Landsman says: "It will moisturise your skin with vitamins E, C and K."

FACE CREAM: Anti-Shine Formula for oily skin
Gatineau Mateliance Anti-shine lotion 125ml... cost: $214
Alternative: Vinegar and water... cost: approx $1

While oily skin needing anti-shine formular could require a cream costing more than $200 dollars, vinegar and water can apparently do the same job!

Landsman says : "It will balance the natural PH levels fo your skin and reduce shine naturally."

Australians spend the billions each year on cosmetics and skin creams. Dermatologist Dr Greg Goodman believes this is obscene - but warns to take the fruit and vegetable recepies with a grain of salt.

"You have to make sure you've got the balance right and you've got the formulation right," Goodman says.

Further information

For more information on the natural face and hair products, or to get book details and recipe ideas, visit www.gregorylandsman.com

'Face Value' by Gregory Landsman is available for $7.95 rrp.