Tiffiny Hall, 'Angel' from Gladiators, is now an Author in a fight against fat.

Proving the pen can be mightier than the sword, Tiffiny is convinced that to be well, mind, body and soul need to be right -- the rest will take care of themselves. "It's about self respect at the end of the day and self love. The book does talk a lot about how to empower your body, empower your mind as you empower your body and also, and most importantly, the ultimate body does come with the ultimate confidence. So, it's not about looking good in a bikini or squeezing into a dress for a wedding, this is about having a confidence that is lasting and a body that is healthy for ever -- and it's never too late to turn back the clock", Tiffiny said.

Since she was a child, Tiffiny's life has been focused on fitness and wellbeing - she was the first female to reach 5th Dan Black Belt status in Tae Kwan Do, that's higher than Jean-Claude van Damme.

Six in every ten, 15-year-old girls are on fad diets -- and it's all designed to fail. "I want everybody to understand that fad diets are making them fat, slowing down their metabolism, it's changing the chemistry of your body so that you increase the number of fat storing enzymes you have and you are going to do more damage in the long run", Tiffiny said.

"There is a difference between weight loss and fat loss. These fad diets mean you lose a lot of weight in the first week, true, but you may be losing muscle because you are not eating protein, you will be losing a lot of fluid, you could be losing everything but fat", Tiffiny said.

Tiffiny's advice is to throw away the scales and plan for results in 90 days not nine.

If you want the ultimate body you have to kick caffeine - coffee. "You really have to be aware of caffeine calories. When the calorie kart comes around the office avoid it. If you add one latte to your daily intake without additional movement, that equates to seven kilograms of fat gain in just one year", Tiffiny said.

The solution is to choose Green tea instead.

There are no ifs or buts when it comes to junk food, old habits are the hardest to kick. Tiffiny has never eaten a fast food burger, calling it "slow food" because it clogs the body. "I always say to people you have got to eat naked. I always eat naked -- that means eating food that isn't processed in packaging, try to eat food that is unwrapped", Tiffiny said.

Avoid sweeteners of any kind -- not only sugar and it's artificial equivalents, even dressings on salads. "Cinnamon is a fantastic way to add flavour to your food and it's also a superstar spice because it's going to help eliminate fluid retention", Tiffiny said.

You can also burn up to 300% more calories by exercising at the right time of day -- before breakfast, for instance. "If you get up first thing in the morning, do thirty minutes of walking it actually suppresses your appetite, it gets your energy going, boosts your metabolism for the day, that's the best thing", she said.

A litre of water a day keeps your fat burning engine running. "Water helps to burn fat. Like anything else, every physiological process occurs in water in your body and if you are not getting enough water, if you are dehydrated, you are not going to burn fat or process energy or eliminate toxins as effectively", Tiffiny said.

And avoid starving yourself on fad and meal replacement liquid diets they simply stall the fat burning process. "Fad dieting will slow down the metabolism and increase hormonal hunger, which will make you binge and you don't want to do that. You want to have consistent healthy choices", Tiffiny said.

And, more than anything, take a second. "The one second diet is the split second decision to go off all fad diets for ever, that's what the one second diet is and it's the only diet in my book", Tiffiny said.

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Tifinny's book is due out in approximately two weeks and will be available at all good bookstores