Ghost Whisper

Reporter: David Richardson

"I never wanted to be a psychic. I didn't go off to psychic school. I've always been a complete and utter skeptic, and suddenly to be thrust into this world of dead people, it was not exactly what I asked for.""you can see dead people? yes. I have seen a number of them in here tonight." A night out with Debbie Malone could leave the hair on the back of your neck standing upright....permanently..."have you got a cable going around here, there's something moving around over here. have you been hearing that."

Australia's Ghost everyday mother of three who sees visitors from the Other-side...and takes their photos...or catches them while taking photos of others..."so if you take a photo of me now do you think they'll be around me? yes definitely. let's have a go, because I can't feel anything."

She's convinced she not only sees ghosts...they talk to her...and she can hear them.."why should I belive you? I don't know. you really have to go on your own experience. you're not imagining this? giving way to delusions? no. you're not an alcoholic? no luahg. you're not doing drugs? no.")

This is Picton cemetary in the new south wales southern's spook central....a ghostly meeting place in the most haunted town in the it it ghostly it whatever you want...spending a night at this place is eerie to say the least...."are you telling me this is a ghost? well it can be spirit energy. I find that alot of the time when the orbs start to appear (lights go out). "look at that. they've done it again. that's the fifth time, as soon as I ask if this is a ghost, the damned lights go out."

Debbie says "sometimes they can be as solid as you. mistakenly I've actually thought I was talking to a real live person, othertimes you may just get flashes of impressions , or see through people that I've seen."

"I see them with my eyes but I can also see them wuith my mind's eye. it's like watching a little video or tv screen. sometimes I can walkk in and be around like wheil I'm talking to you I can see them standing over your shoulder."

Debbie discovered her unusual talent after a near-death experience...She claims they talk to her only through her right ear..."can you feel anything in here? yeh. there's something across my back it's really strong." This is called the mushroom tunnel...a disused railway tunnel with it's own ghost...a woman Emily Bollard died on the railway tracks almost a century ago...and apparantly haunts it still....and Debbie's skills go beyond just seeing and feeling what we can't....she believes she also captures things on her digital camera.... balls of light or orb-phasms...spectral lights....even ghostly faces...and strange worm-like glowing strands of coloured light...skeptics argue it's light reflecting off mist...or rain...or simply slow shutter speed when taking the picture...she believes otherwise...

'what did you think when people suddenly appeared before you?"well at first you start to question, are you imaginging things. are other people seeing it and the first impressions I received were murder cases, so that was a frightening time for me...people said to me at the time, OH you're lucky you can do this. but it felt more like a curse than a gift."

Debbie's experiences are uncannily similar to Allison DuBois...the woman made famous in the TV hit show...the Medium...Both women are beseiged by spirits 24-7...without rest...many the victims of foul play..."I was waking up with nightmares, dreaming about things, feeling people in the room. it was a really terrifying time."

For debbie...the most urgent visitors were the victims of the backpacker killer Ivan Milat...and more recently the Claremont murder's led police to seek her help solve the unsolvable crime..."instead of feeling sorry for myself, it was a matter of using it and utilising the ability and if it was going to help other people and help solve some clues for police cases then it was for a reason."

More than 120 ghost films screened around the world...not to mention numerous television shows.....with psychics crossing over to chat with the otherside..."Debbie if you're psychic why can't you get the Lotto numbers? laugh. well I did get them once and actually I won $17. so that's about as good as it gets. but I don't think this gift is to utilise getting rich."

Australia's ghost whisperer is also following in the footsteps of her overseas colleagues...and releasing a book about her paranormal journey....while she can't tune out the dead....she's learnt to control the volume....learnt to live with her cursed gift...

could U live without it?"that's a hard one now. I don't know if I could anymore. I'd feel like part of me was missing."

Picton - Australia's Most Haunted Town?