First Home Furniture

Reporter: Graeme Butler

For first home buyers moving day can often mean moving very little after the cost of buying there's not always a lot left to furnish your new home. We've gone shopping with $10,000 in hand to furnish an entire house. We've also got some expert advice on style and tips for savings.

"You don't have to get it right the first time. As designers we always move furniture around and around and around again until we find the perfect place for it so do that and you'll finally get there in the end" says Jodie.

Jodie Girdlestone is an interior designer. She says if you're on a budget go for key pieces of furniture to define a room.

"Large pieces of furniture such as a sofa for a living room. It's something you're going to use a lot. A large item of furniture takes up a lot of room so therefore put your money into something like that".

With that in mind, our first room is the lounge room and we've spent $1999 on the couch from Freedom. Other big ticket items include the rug at $399 and the floor lamp at $369. All up the cost was $3654, but with a bit of creativity you could save money.

Carlie and Andrew have just built and furnished their first home. Their key to success was working out what they wanted and waiting until the sales came along.

The next room we tackled was the dining room. The table from Freedom came in at $529. Keeping it simple we used bench seating also from Freedom at $249 each. It looks good and can work out cheaper than individual dining chairs. The total for this room was $1565. A tip here is cover the stark walls with a print and a good old fashioned palm.

Carlie and Andrew covered their stark walls with some home made artwork. Simple and cost effective.

"You can go out there and get those canvasses that artists paint on which are relatively inexpensive from art suppliers such as Jacksons and you could find some really beautiful fabric and wrap it around and there's a piece of artwork" says Jodie.

The study was our next room. It's basic design a desk for $300 from Thingz and a matching bookcase for $200. The swivel chair was $99 from Ikea and the office accessories finished it off. The total was $651 for this room.

The entry was next. A few simple pieces can change the entire look of and remember first impressions count. The hall table was picked up at a garage sale for $300 and the rug was the big ticket item here at $399 from Freedom. All up including the print, pot plant, candles and ornaments we spent $1016.

"I think there are items of furniture out there that can suit everyone's budget, but you've got to know where to find those pieces and I say shop around and also go to garage sales, go to markets and collect things in your travels" says Jodie.

The bedroom was centred on a basic ensemble for $699. The rest was dressing to complete the room including linen to transform the bed. The mirror adds light and extends the room. It cost $399 from Freedom. Finishing the wall is a print. This one from Ikea cost $100. All up for everything including linen was $2313.

The final piece of furniture is for your summer entertainer. These outdoor table and chairs are second hand retro from Turnstyles collectables at $295. To complete the look we've added cushions a lantern and a few palms. All up we've spent just $461.

The grand total for all of the five rooms and outdoor, except for the display television, came in at $9660. Obviously there's ways to save, but the advice is go for your big ticket items first and then fill in the rest.


Hall table Market $300

Rug Freedom $399

Art Markets $200

Candle Glasshouse $39.95

Lady statue Adairs $34.95

Orchid IKEA $22.95

Pot Bunnings $29

Master Bedroom

Pillow cases Target $39.95

Sheet set Target $149

Throw rug Adairs $55.95

Bedside table Tony Sadlers $99

Bedside lamp Adairs $44.95

Side table Tony Sadler $309

Art IKEA $100

Bed Beds Plus $699

Chair Roadside $350

Cup n saucer Adairs $23.95

Mirror Freedom $299

Study/Second bedroom

Swivel chair IKEA $99

Bookcase Thingz $200

Desk Thingz $300

Desk set IKEA $14.95

Desk storage Adairs $29.95

Pen holder Adairs $7.45

Striped Cow Overseas $90

Living Area

Sofas Freedom $1999

Cushions Freedom $19.95

Coffee table Freedom $299

Side table Thingz $399

Rug Freedom $399

Floor lamp Freedom $369

Palm Waldecks $60


Stools Tony Sadler $100

Table Freedom $529

Bench Freedom $249

Rug Freedom $399

Vase Freedom $39.95

Bowl Freedom $34.95

Balls Thingz $6

Table runner Adairs $15.95

Outdoor furniture

Glasses IKEA $7.95

Cushion Spotlight $15.95

Cane setting Turnstyles $295

Palm Waldecks $60