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Reporter: Andrea Burns

Take five whole children An Afolay, one George, a Rupert, an elsie and a Mihayla add three recipes a snack..

a salad and a soup. Throw in an enthusiastic chef , and combine.

Anna Gare reckons she's got the recipe for success, "do you think you can get any kid to eat vegetables? I do cos I think everything I cook is yummy and at the end of the day if food is yummy people will eat it"

Supermarket's are full of snacks marketted at kids. Often full of fat or sugar - or both. Anna reckons we need to try a bit of marketting of our own. "which of you kids likes pancakes? pikelets? Yum"

How bout adding some veges and cheese and calling them fritters? "I think you're going to love this kids, corn pea and cauliflower fritters adn we make up a matter and we fry them off in the fry pan and they make a fantastic snack"

They're a tough crowd. The verdict? Two thumbs? beautiful

Elsie says "I like it cos it really soft adn then you bite into the corner and it's really crunchy"

Fritters a hit, how bout soup? "We've got zucchini, garlic, leek, celery, beans broccoli, little bit of pancetta and here I'm even going to use the stalk of the broccoli, who likes eating the stalk? me"

You've probably tried minestrone - well this one's green. and includes pancetta or bacon. Chock a block of veges - but what do our little foodies think? Reuben says "I really like the beans in it - have you had butter beans before? Never"

The Cancer Council's Steve Pratt, "children often like vegetables raw or very lightly cooked, so they often like the crunch" Anna's asian slaw is full of crunch- red cabbage, red onion apple, mint leaves, even daikon, which is a white radish - tastes a bit like peppery cucumber. Once again, a hit. Proof kids and veges can mix. And we didn't have to bribe any of them.

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