Footy Tips

Reporter: Andrea Burns

Heath Kilgour from website says footy tipping is going mad.

"It doesn't matter if you're the CEO or the intern. Everyone is able to participate and have some fun".

A survey found that despite the global financial crisis 75% of people believe footy tipping improves office morale. It could even give you the edge with the boss.

"Men in particularly believe they were twice as likely to help you get a promotion at work".

Football guru Dennis Cometti says home ground advantage is going to be key.

Chief footy writer at The West Australian, Mark Duffield says success often comes down to equal parts science and luck.

"Some people will watch 6 to 8 games every weekend. They'll look at how the players are travelling. They'll look at which teams are in form, which teams are out of form and which teams have injuries to key players and they'll tip according to that. The most dispiriting thing about that is that somewhere out there in Australia there'll be a 9 year old who tips because he likes the team song and he'll be 10 ahead of you" says Mark.

Room 2 at Collier Primary School is including footy tipping as part of the curriculum. Teacher Rob Thompson says maths and English lessons can be taught using footy.

Even picking teams is a lesson in democracy. Former teacher, now Newspaper in Education Editor, Lyn Cahill says classes all over W.A are signing up teams for The West's tipping competition where $150,000 in prizes is up for grabs.

David Wearne bought a car with his $10,000 cheque from winning last year's competition and hopes he can do it again. David says tip with your head not your heart.

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