Fat Model

Reporter: Georgia Main

Last time we saw him, Paul 'PJ' James had stacked on 20 kilos since the New Year -- part of what he calls a social experiment to better understand his overweight clients.

He'd never been in triple figures and his target of 120 kilos is now just a few "supersized" snacks away. "When I'm at my fittest, I allowed myself a cheat day where I eat anything I want to so it breaks up the cycle. I've been having cheat months!", PJ said.

But the novelty of eating whatever he wants is wearing off. "Outside on the street and walking around, I'm very, very self conscious", PJ said.

Not only feeling lethargic and unmotivated, PJ's unhealthy lifestyle is costing him a small fortune. "I'd normally get away with spending about $80 a week at the supermarket -- at the moment I spend about $300 a week. I've found all these foods I've never eaten before", PJ said.

This unusual weight battle has even made headlines around the world.

Fellow trainer Alistair White believes PJ will be like any other client when he tries to lose his bulge. "A lot of people say it will happen automatically because PJ has a muscle mass established, he's got a fast metabolism. At the end of the day he still has to shift 30kg and it's not going to happen without hard work and dedication to a controlled diet", Alistair said.

As a model, PJ stuck to a diet of egg white omelettes, protein shakes and grilled fish -- a total of 51 grams of fat a day.

But PJ's supersized diet includes soft drinks, pizzas and chips -- 180 grams of fat a day.

"To really understand what his clients are struggling with, you would have to maintain that weight and have trouble losing it for many, many years because that's the problem his clients are having. Anyone who can gain the weight and lose it quickly isn't really learning from it", said Nutritionist Dr Tim Crowe.

"Carrying that much weight isn't just an aesthetic and body image problem. Carrying that weight has 30 different health problems -- Cardiovascular disease, diabetes, osteoarthritis, even fertility problems", Dr. Crowe added.

PJ insists a doctor is monitoring his progress but to prove he is taking the issue seriously, he said, "There's been a bit of criticism that I could take off the weight easier than someone else that has been overweight for a long time. So I'd like to let your viewers know I'm going to bring someone back with me, someone that has a similar weight to myself -- 30 kilos overweight. I'll educate them about eating and follow them for six months and we can come back together", PJ said.

Only one thing is certain -- it will be a long road back to where this story first began.

And PJ plans to reach 120kg by April and he'll start his weight loss regime in July. To be a part of PJ's return to fitness, go to www.youtube.com and type in 'pjfatandback'. Attach your own video detailing why you want to be PJ's fitness partner and include your contact details. PJ will select a person with whom he will train for six months.