Dr Joe Kosterich

Reporter: Natalie Bonjolo

"There are things you can do that will influence and improve your health, they're things that are very simple and you can do yourself" If Dr Joe Kosterich had his way ... he'd happily be out of business. that's because the perth GP reckons the key to good health is to Do It Yourself. "If you look after yourself, you can have less need to see me, or other doctors" Now Dr Joe's no quack, he's a former head of the Australian Medical Association, who's revealing the holy grail ... the eight pillars of good health.

They might be in their seventies, but Lucette and Alan, can bend, stretch and twist like teenagers, Lucette says "I'm actually more flexible at 71 than I was at 19" The professional dancers, have lived and breathed the pillars their whole lives, and Dr Joe, says it shows.

So, what's the secret? the eight pillars of DIY health? well, number one, is wait for it, Air, believe it, or not, Dr Joe reckons many of us don't breathe properly, "some slow deep breathing each day is really useful because it slows the mind, the pulse rate down a little bit"

So, take a big breathe ... here's pillar two. Water

Joe says "most people walk around in a state of almost continual dehydration that presents as headaches, people feel tired sluggish they get used to it so they dont even know it's the case"

Pillar number three, is Fuel.

Joe says "Eat foods that were until recently were moving around and growing in the ground"

For number four, get moving.

Joe says "you can see people who keep themselves active and exercise on a regular basis they are better for it"

Elaine says "you can go down the beach ride your bike, take your water, doesnt cost you anything" The Ward family, like to keep fit, they're convinced Dr Joe's pillars will lay the foundations of good health for their kids.

Part of that plan, is pillar five, plenty of sleep

Joe says "the body needs for most adults 8 hours of sleep a night"

It also needs pillar number six, relaxation

The seventh pillar, is relationships, not just with others, but also with yourself

Joe says "if you dont have a good relationship with yourself that will influence everything else that you do"

So finally, whats the eight pillar of health? well, funnily enough, it's fun

Joe says "it's estimated children laugh 300 400 times a day, the average adult it's 15 to 20" So, if Dr Joe's on the money, the eight pillars of health, can be achieved by anyone. and it's easier than you imagine, "you can go down to the park with your family your going in the fresh air, having fun, relaxing, your relationship is good, so thats five of eight pillars just going for a walk"

Dr Joe Kostererich book details:

Dr Joe's DIY Health-Putting you in charge of your health.

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