Dr 90210

Reporter: Sally Obermeder

Nicknamed Dr 90210 - Plastic Surgeon Dr Robert Rey is responsible for some of the world's most famous faces and bodies. These days he's also conquering the women's control under wear market, it's a lot cheaper than going under the knife and a lot less painful.

Say goodbye to granny pants the latest Shapewear is now sexy and it's a fashion statement. Dr Robert Rey is Hollywoods best known plastic surgeon. Taking his credentials from the operating table to the lingerie department his own line of Shapewear that he claims creates the same nips and tucks, its pain free plastic surgery. He may not look or sound like a top surgeon but over 44 million people tune in to Dr Robert Rey, a reality show on his own life as plastic surgeon to the stars. But lately, he's stitching more fabric than flesh. "This is a tummy tuck, look at the size of that little monster we are going to put about 150 of these in to your belly instead of that put on the Shapewear tweak your diet get down to your ideal weight do a little exercise and you will look good on your own." Dr Robert Rey claims.Not the words you would expect to hear from a man who makes his living with a scalpel.

"So to look like lingerie but functional and it was making you skinny unfortunately we made it a little too sexy and the girls are now wearing it as outer wear" Dr Robert Rey said.According to Dr Rey's Partner, Aussie fashion designer Bruno Schiavi "curves are in bulges are out" just follow the basic rules. "Don't hide it ladies, now Shapewear can be your number one best friend cos you can telegraph to the world that you're wearing it without hiding it.""If you're going to wear it make sure you're in the correct size, now you want it to be firm Shapewear you want it to be sculpting that's what it's all about." Says Bruno.

Sally: "Who has the best bum in Hollywood? Dr Rey"

Dr Ray: "I think Jessica Biel Damn that's a hot behind"

Thanks to Beyonce and Kim Karsashian requests for "butt lifts" have gone through the roof if you don't want to pay thousands here's an alternative

"So the idea was borrowed from surgery this is the implant I use in plastic surgery." Dr Rey explains to Sally.

Sally: "So it doesn't make your bottom bigger this way it just makes it higher rounder."

Dr Rey: "The part that doesn't come easily is this part here that sprinter behind we want to develop that sprinter behind, create that lift right here. So that why we used the cookies to simulate the butt implant."

The focus is now behind not in front over-sized breast implants are no longer big business.

Dr Rey: "Today the implants have gotten smaller thank god so the Jennifer Aniston look is in thank god I got so tired of making those huge balloons I am actually tired of making those huge balloons."

From the man who has seen it all even if your post code is 90210, when it comes to vanity "less is more".

Dr Rey: "I think Madonna, my personal opinion, I think she has done it correctly she doesn't look over pulled she doesn't have that wind tunnel look that crazy look she probably has done a little bit at the time, a little upkeep some botox, a little laser she looks great."

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