Dirty Takeaways

It's turned out to be a pizza shop with the lot - a lot more than customers would have bargained for. Behind the scenes; Domino's Belmont store has just been hit with a massive fine for breaches of the health act.

City of Belmont CEO Stuart Cole

General cleanliness of the premises and the appliances used in those premises so it's very important the health act is quite strict on general cleanliness and again that's ensuring that the food that's delivered in those premises is of the highest quality and again the community needs to have that confidence.

The Belmont dominoes store first came to the attention of health inspectors in May last year - it failed repeated inspections until Nov last year - the courts have just handed down a stunning fine of $27,550 plus costs.

We don't like to see business suffer heavy fines however the courts have needed to act and I'm confident that our team of health surveyors and workers will work with the premise to ensure they do come up to the high standards that people expect .

Dominos declined to be interviewed but issued a statement saying "The Manager has been terminated and staff at Domino's Belmont have been re-trained - it's now passed inspections since the breaches.

But their far from alone.... McDonalds - Warnbro was fined by the city of Rockingham - it found the store was in a very poor state of cleanliness and posed a significant risk of illness ". it's been hit with a $9000 fine plus costs.

McDonalds told us " , the issues were inconsistent with the company's strict food hygiene policies and procedures. they've taken immediate measures to make sure they do not happen again,

The red rooster store in Rockingham was also prosecuted for unclean premises - it's fine - $5000 plus costs - red rooster says " the store management team received extensive re-training and an internal inspection audit has since been carried in accordance with the companies food handling and safety procedures

The restaurants join a growing list now featured on the Health Departments name and shame list

The city has taken the position as have a number of councils to work closely with the health department because we think it's very important to guarantee to the community and the public that food that they purchase is of highest quality and if this helps in achieving that then it's part of our overall objective

At the moment councils volunteer the prosecutions to the website. Soon ALL councils in W.A will be required by law to reveal who's been busted. - a move that some say is unfair because even if a restaurant cleans up it's act or changes hands - it's still named and shamed

It's really up to the organisation how they deal with their customers and how they keep premises to rebuild that confidence and we will assist them in doing that.