Diet Myths

Reporter: Adam Marshall

They're the extreme and extraordinary diets of 2011. From Beyonce's Maple Syrup only diet to Lady Gaga, going ga ga over baby food.

And of course the amazing transformations of the Biggest loser, tonight we explode the diet myths and give you the tips guaranteed to work

Here are the myths renowned cardiologist Associate Professor David Colquhoun the first don't fall for the super that is super diets, super foods and super supplements.

"Just take this particular pill; this particular herb will make you lose weight. No evidence for that at all. Don't be conned." He said

They're nothing more than fabricated fads. Next fat makes you fat. David says if the amount of energy you consume outweighs the energy you burn up with exercise you'll put on weight. Energy is measured in kilojoules, now to the "only" myth.

"You must only eat grapefruit, you must only have maple syrup, and you must only this. When they say only, you know that they're kidding you. They're pulling your leg."

Then the darkside myth that is eating at night will make you gain weight. Research has shown that your body doesn't process food differently at different times of the day.

And the number one myth celebrity endorsements if a movie star is promoting a product, chances are it probably won't work.

"I'm sure they can act well, I love watching them, but I don't think they've got any idea about science."

David has his own five simple tips to battle the bulge. The first enjoy your meal "Sit down and relax with your meal. Eating in front of TV and we're all guilty of this, you tend to over consume."

Number 2 count your kilojoules. If you consume too many they'll stick to your hips.

"It's a pretty simple equation, what goes in, you got to burn it up or it gets stuck."

Which brings us to Exercise - Tip number 3.. The more energy you consume, the more you have to exercise. Remember it's easier to put weight on, than take it off. It takes 20 hours of moderate exercise to lose just one kilo. But you have to start somewhere. "Well we're built to run. Exercise is an anti-depressant, stimulates those happy hormones."

Reducing your risk factors is next cut out the smoking, don't binge drink and go see your doctor, get your blood pressure and cholesterol checked. "It took you a marathon to put the weight on as a rule, just have a marathon getting better."

Number 5 - indulge don't be too strict about what you eat. "We need to have a break out once in a blue moon."

Finally, David has ten dietary commandments we should follow cut out the butter and cream. Use extra virgin olive oil in your cooking, swap the white bread for multi-grain and have fish weekly

Eat a wider variety of fruit and vegetables, tomatoes, nuts and try soy a few times a week. Cut down on the meat, don't feel guilty about having a wine or beer daily and of course eat in a pleasant environment. "Don't follow the celebrities. Be your own person."