Clothesline Diet

Reporter: Lynda Kinkade

One woman's walk around the clothesline has sparked a weightloss revolution.

Karen Gatt is one of Australia's highest selling authors -- her weight loss scheme is stunningly simple and amazingly successful.Karen's followers were looking for hope. "I do understand when they look at me and say I can't Karen. They can -- its just me trying to help them believe in themselves", Karen said.

"She's captured our imaginations -- marketing and branding is all about making it easy for people to see themselves getting better through that brand", said brand expert, Simon Hammond Weighing 118 kilos on her wedding day, wasn't the worst of it. "Before I knew it here I am 163 kilos -- I could hardly walk to my letter box, hated life, hated the thought of waking up in the morning and facing daylight", Karen said.

Those first few steps around the clothesline were just the beginning. "My husband and I are up to all hours of the morning writing news letters, I run sweat sessions, I run boot camps, I've got people on waiting lists for boot camps because its out of control", Karen said. She's sold more 50,000 books, replied to 6,000 letters and over 20,000 emails -- many thanking her for kilos they've shed.Maree Scott had tried everything before turning to the Clothesline Diet. "From diet pills to weightloss centres, Jenny Craig to Weightwatches, but nothing worked. I think the relationship you build with Karen gives you the belief you can do it", Maree said.

"Everyone who is out there needing to lose weight, all of a sudden, is given this very simplistic pitch to go well that's how you do it", Simon said. "This one is all about hope -- fooling ourselves into thinking it will come through to us -- this time that clothesline will do it -- it really comes down to how much effort we put in", Simon said.

Karen is now pitching her product to the fastest growing obese nation in the world - the U.S.A. In a country where 127 million people are obese, there's a big market to go around. "This journey is a bit different, trying to get the American book deal -- its taken six years, again never taking no for an answer, believing in yourself and constantly, constantly trying to get that goal", Karen said.

In April Karen will fly to the heartland of America, launching her latest book. "We've got a beautiful, fresh seven day diet plan in there", Karen said. "I want to be able to spread my word throughout the world and teach people it can be done on a different scale", Karen said. The only potential problem is most Americans don't have clotheslines. "The clothesline story worked for me -- you can walk up and down your staircase, hallway, situps on your couch -- its a matter of coming out of your comfort zone and doing something about it", Karen said.

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