Choice Coupons

Reporter: Helen Wellings

Now a way to cut your Christmas spending by up to 85% - That's right 85% reductions. We usually shell out $800 to $2,000 on average for Christmas gifts, festive food and alcohol, but not anymore. On-line coupon websites have caught on like wild-fire because they offer massive discounts on normal retail prices and it's legitimate. Helen Wellings shows you how they work, what you can buy and the huge savings that can be made on the latest offers.

Adam Dennison. - You would be mad to pay full price these days))

Ingrid Just Choice - some people are finding some significant savings up to 84% off services or products thanks to coupon websites OR you can get some really good deals you can find some significant savings, up to 84%

Helen "You don't have to wait for store sales anymore."

"I saved $200"

Shopping's radically changing - coupon deal sites are the new way to buy virtually anything you want and save up to thousands of dollars a hit. Some of the deals we'll show you at a fraction of the retailer's price are amazing.

Obviously Christmas is a big time for these coupons because people can find big discounts when they're buying presents

Choice's Ingrid Just says Choice tested the validity of many coupon sites, the pros and cons, and found masses of real bargains.

Ingrid from Just.Choice says "we found up to 84% off beauty services for some of them, we found 68% discount on live shows and musicals and up to 67% discount on holiday and accommodation packages"

Adam Dennison. "We are talking from a ceiling fan to a water cooler to getting your carpets cleaned to tvs to food items. The savings are enormous. These retailers are keen and eager to get your business they are putting coupons out there as a call of action to get out there and start saving."

Helen "Most on-line deal websites offer one-day only bargains. The website operators negotiate discounts with retailers, including the major chains, and service providers - the bigger the size of their subscriber database, the lower the prices are driven down on that site."

Ingrid at Just.Choice says "the coupons websites operate through social networks such as Facebook and Twitter and a lot of subscribers through email log onto these particular websites."

Adam Dennison at says "There are absolutely no catches Helen, these retailers are keen and eager to get you business."

Helen "Adam Dennison's the Director of, arguably the biggest coupon website. It also delivers a newspaper containing 250 coupons to 2 million Melbourne and Sydney households every 3 weeks and a lot of the deals are available nationally."

Adam Dennison at "It is a hundred percent free you search for the item that you are after and the coupon is there."

Helen "Hot deals - Victoria - you can learn to surf for $38, saving 60%. dinner and drinks for 2, save 50%. In NSW - on save up to 69% on a night's hotel accommodation. .. full car service was $588, now $79, saves 86%. Queensland - Skin-care products 50% saving. at this national toystore save 20%.

There are some websites that choice recommends. is one of those, they have a number of deals across a range of products so its a generic sites

Helen Chris Palmer's had good .. and bad luck buying from online deal sites, when a great deal's stampeded by buyers, the site crashes.

There are some traps to watch out for with coupon websites. A lot of the deals, the services, the offers are only available in Sydney or Melbourne or larger capital cities, you may not be able to redeem that particular product or service simply because your not in that location we have had some consumer feed back saying that full paying customers are being pushed to the head of the cue with regards to the redeeming of these services so we would always say book in early make sure you get to the front of the cue

Helen "Choice also warns, check the conditions on coupon websites."

Ingrid "Watch out for expiry dates as well because often those coupon discounts are actually only valid for a particular day or moment so if that doesn't suit you you're wasting your money. Shop around online and shop around off line as well. Ensure that that deal on the coupon website is a real deal."