Chinese Astrologer

Reporter: Lynda Kinkade

Some people pray for a bright future, others cross their fingers and hope and then there are the millions who look to the stars. If that's the case and you're willing to pay, here's what will happen.

Joey Zap is self-described "master of astrology and feung shui", travelling the world advising executives at Citibank, HSBC, Microsoft, IBM, and Bloomberg. "This year is the year of the earth Ox, so at best it's stagnation, at worse it can go onto depression", Joey said.

With the Britain, America and parts of Asia already in recession, there'll be no recovery until mid next year.

"Asia, Asia Pacific will be the first to recover", Joey said.

And these are industries predicted to thrive: "Teaching self improvements motivation all this will do well, businesses to do with any academic institutions and health", he added.

At just 32, the American born Malaysian has amassed a multi-million dollar business based on astrology, after creating the Academy of Chinese Meta-physics. "I think natural disasters after this fire problem could lead to earth related such as landslides or possible health or illness related because of earth represents diseases or health related issues -- so the later part of the year, possibly around July or August", he said.

But Joey is also an expert in the ancient art of face-reading -- a tradition that began almost 3,000 years ago. "At that time it was an art to analyze health -- in fact a lot of TC, - Chinese doctors still use it and look at your eyes, your hair and tell you what illness you have", Joey said.

Face reading is now used to gain a glimpse into a person's personality, inherent traits, likes, dislikes and even destiny in life. Joey Zap has flown to Germany and Poland to give recruiters a heads up on what to look for.

Based on faces alone - this is what our leaders are like.

Kevin Rudd: "At eyes - lines coming out -- these lines normally find in people who are very good at attracting opposite -- that means he's popular -- lips well developed lips -- smooth sailing until 55 - but 54, 55 will be a year of challenge for him", Joey said.

Malcolm Turbull: "Ears that protrude out usually belong to someone who listens to his own opinion before listening to others. Looking at the lips he won't stand down, no, still going strong. At this age chin protrudes -- it's a time he wants to make a stand", Joey said.

Nicole Kidman and Princess Mary can both expect marriage troubles.

Nicole Kidman: "She's the year of the Goat in the year of the Ox, so in 2009, she's the most challenged, problematic animals -- lots of personal and career-related challenges for her. She'll have a rough time with Keith", he said.

Princess Mary: "A sharp chin means a person likes to go out a lot and not stay home too much. If Prince can accept her as a person who likes go out and give her, her space she'll enjoy it. - a sharp chin person likes to have be in the company of many people have fun", Joey said.

As for the leader of the free world:

Barack Obama: "This year is going to be year of challenge -- Ox in Ox year. As fast as he would like to move, environment or people not moving fast enough for him".

The British Royal family can expect a wedding: "William has a better chance of married this year and next year - next year the year of the Tiger so he's got a better chance. The forehead for Harry more broader and square -- normally for leadership they prefer square foreheads, Harry will be a person who can lead, he's not afraid of making things happen", Joey said.

Hugh Jackman could be tapping his way into politics: "A leader of certain team or even in a political team, of a spokesperson to influence the masses", Joey said.

While in Australia Joey Zap is hosting seminars and people are turning up in their thousands. They are paying a hundreds dollars a head to learn about his teachings and participants insist it's worth every cent.

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