Charlie Saliba

Reporter: Natalie Bonjolo

He's back. He never went away, really. Older, and none the wiser. At 74 you would think Charlie Saliba would have learned his lesson.

We first met Charlie ten years ago. Then he was Australia's landlord from hell and today a decade on, Charlie Saliba, is still the landlord from hell, trading on tenants' misery charging top rent, for trash.

If a man's home is his castle, Charlie has built a kingdom. He tells us he owns forty houses in Perth's suburbs making him worth millions.

"The sewage is running straight out into the backyard".

Trouble is Charlie believes he is done nothing wrong. His tenants' beg to differ.

"He reckons he's doing you a favour. How could he be doing me a favour...he's charging me $200 a week for a dogbox like this" says a tenant.

In East Cannington he has several rentals all much the same. Across town in Bassendean there's another bunch of brown homes belonging to Charlie and a Council who would love to see the back of him.

Bassendean Mayor Tina Cline has a file on Charlie Saliba dating back more than twenty years.

"Our staff continually have to clean up his yards and take it to the tip, he's been prosecuted, each time we take him to court, it costs us thousands of dollars" says Tina.

Since January 2007 alone, the Council have issued five clean up orders, three execution notices, and one notice to impound a vehicle. He also owes the Council $7000 dollars in clean up costs and that's just for Mr Saliba's places in one suburb.

In 2000 Charlie was found guilty and fined $5000 for breaching the residential tenancy act. Even so, he's still within his rights to rent. What's more he can charge whatever he likes!

Let us know if you've had an experience with Charlie... or contact Department of Consumer and Employment Protection
Advice line : 1300 30 40 54 or check out their website